By incorporating new tools of transformation involving movement, dance, and flow, you want to improve your life and relationships today . . . .

NeuroSomatic Life & Soul Coaching™ 

Work 1-on-1 with NaiAsa Institute-certified coaches in either a 3- or 9-month personal journey to awaken your sacred feminine. Available early 2020 so get notified when it’s released.


Women’s Group Coaching Journeys

Journey & connect with other Goddesses in 9-month, virtual group setting to help one another birth a new idea or . . . . a new you. 


The "Beauty that Transforms" Retreat

Experience the practice of NaiAsana™, learn detailed neuroscience, commune with like-minded Sisters, and study the benefits of flow with Dr. Jinju and specially selected luminaries in an exotic location. 



This new practice, created by Dr. Jinju, incorporates not only specific flows, dances, and movements designed to awaken the inner feminine fire, but also the brain due its neurosomatic nature. (Available 2019 so please get on the waiting list now!)