We work with women from many different backgrounds - lawyers, professors, accountants, executives, teachers, nurses, researchers, beauty consultants, service workers, therapists, coaches, to name a few - and when we ask them why they attend our journeys and retreats, or do 1-on-1 coaching, we get the same answer:

"I want access to that part of me which has been been asleep for so many years . . . . my feminine essence . . . . without losing my power." 

In essence, the work of NaiAsa (formerly Soul Flow Alchemy), has been to help women unlock, awaken, and access their inner feminine goddess to achieve harmony, balance, joy, and flow in their lives to make their dreams come true, without having to be or act like anyone that they're not. 


Because of the success of our work, we've been asked by female professionals in health, therapy, yoga, coaching, and business in the last few years on how this could be brought to their own clientele. 

Three years in the making, we're happy to present The NaiAsa Institute, an International Institute for Integrated Somatic Education, Coaching and Healing Arts, help women transform their lives by teaching them new paradigms of healing and possibility through education, movement, and neuroscience.

Our goal is not to have as many women as possible to "spread the word". Instead, we're being very selective on whom we want to work with and only want a small number of women to be certified, NaiAsa Institute Somatic Soul Coaches. While mostly virtual, certification will require much study, time, commitment, and financial resources to complete. And for those of you who do . . . .

you will become only a handful of women in the world who'll have the science, skills, and knowledge, taught by a published Ph.D in Neuroscience, to properly and professionally hold space for and take women on a journey to discovering/re-discovering their inner feminine fire. In the process, you'll be joining an exclusive, cross-cultural community of like-minded, powerful Goddesses who have invested in and stewarded the creation of a temple dedicated to the Sacred Feminine, the 1st of its kind in the world.

There is no other other training or coaching program in existence offering this education and exclusive benefits. 

If you're ready to apply, then please go here (link). 


The NaiAsa Institute Training Program*

To fly our flag, a candidate must demonstrate knowledge, presentation skills, mastery of flow foundations, applications of learned theories (Lokahi Medicine Wheel), demonstrate facilitation skills, and create accountability and trust.

The program consists of 4 tracks starting with a Foundations layer which is the primary prerequisite for each:

  • Foundations (Core Competency)

Then one, a combination, or all of the following can be taken after:

  • NeuroSomatic Soul Coach™ Training and Certification (Details & Dates Below)

  • Therapeutic Flow Arts (Details & Launch Date TBD)

  • NaiAsana™ Yoga Teacher Training (Details & launch Date TBD)

* As a possible Founding Mother, you’re getting early access to these trainings and when you embark on the journey to being a NaiAsa Institute-certified practitioner, you’ll get access to ALL of these programs for a very SPECIAL exchange amount; in addition, we’ve arranged the curriculum in a specific way so it can be completed in 12 months.

Each of the programs are broken down into 5 spirals or essentials and have a corresponding Kosha

More specifically, it’s our vision that you, as a Founding Mother, will also take on a role of educator or facilitator (needs some re-wording)

This initial offering and special sequence of the curriculum will end after the BTT - Bali retreat 2019. From then on, these programs (after Foundations) will be offered individually with their own exchange amount.

LOGISTICAL ELEMENTS & DATES (proposed & subject to change)

3 In-person Conferences (Attendance required - either in-person or virtual)

  • Sept 12 - 15, 2019

  • Jun 15 - 22, 2020

  • Oct 23 - Nov 1, 2020

TRAINING JOURNEY TIMELINE (all classes/conferences required unless otherwise noted)


In-Person/Virtual Conference 1 (5 days, 25 HR Training)

Location: TBA, somewhere in the US (leaning towards Colorado)

Sept 12 - 15, 2019 (Full Moon)

  • Opening & Training Initiation Weekend (25 Hrs)

  • Intro to the theory, history, and philosophy of Life Coaching, Yoga, and Flow Arts

  • Intro to the Art & Practice of NeuroSomatic Soul Coaching

    • Neural & Bio-feedback Exercises (maybe!)

    • Spiral 1 Core Competencies & Facilitation Skills (To begin practicing in your learning groups)

      • Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards

      • Co-creating and Setting the Foundation for a Coaching Relationship

      • Language and Communicating Effectively

    • Somatics/Anatomy: Hips, Lips and Soulmatic Tricks

  • Soul Flow Poi Priestess Initiations & Celebration

  • Movement and Dance throughout the weekend!

  • Small Sister Group Assignments

  • Location: TBA, somewhere in the US, leaning toward Colorado!


Virtual Study (15 classes + small group + self-study, 100 HR)

Location: Virtual

Oct 1 - Dec 3, 2019 (Tuesdays, 7 pm, MST)

  • Self-Directed Flow Practice

  • Small Group Coaching Practice (2x month)

  • Theoretical Study of the Neuroscience of Transformational Learning. Topics include (We don’t have to include the following, just putting it here for reference:

    • Oct. 1. The Human Nervous System (high level) with Dr. Jinju

      • Neurons that Fire Together Wire Together

    • Oct. 8. How We Learn is Everything with Dr. Jinju

      • Behavioral Conditioning

      • Addiction

      • Neural Reprogramming & Repatterning

    • Oct. 15. Moods, Emotions & The Neurophysiology of the Spiral Journey of Expanding & Contracting with Dr. Jinju

    • Oct. 22. Review and Exam Week

    • Oct 29. Understanding Stress and Releasing Trauma with Dr. Jinju

    • Nov. 5. The Role of the Somatic Movement (Yoga, Dance, Flow Arts, etc.,..)  in Healing & Transformation with Dr. Jinju

      • The Flow State

      • Juggling, Dance & Poi Studies

    • Nov. 12. Anatomy of Movement with Tracy Knowles

    • Nov. 19. Acupressure for Stress and releasing Trauma with Tracy Knowles

    • Dec. 3. Review

Spiral 1 & 2 Practicum (25 HR)

Dec. 3 - 17, 2019. (These meetings are reserved for Presentations)

      • Oral & Written Exams

      • Sacred Scholarship Papers & Presentations (Make it a topic you feel inspired to base for your signature class/course to teach at NaiAsa Institute and beyond)

      • Video Submissions Due for Demonstration of Mastery in Flow Foundations

      • Reflection Videos from Small Group Coaching Practices (to be shared in private FB Group as well)

WINTER BREAK (Dec. 18 - Jan. 13)


Virtual Study (9 classes + small group + practice coaching, 100 HR)

Jan. 14 - May 19, 2020 (9 Classes total, Tuesdays, 7 pm, MST)

  • Practice Coaching Hours (You will be assigned as Mentors for Women in the Sacred Feminine Fire Coaching Journey)

  • Guiding Somatic Movement

  • Coaching & Facilitation Skills

    • Jan. 14. CORE COMPETENCY CLASS. Setting the Foundation

      • Co-Creating the Coaching Relationship (Establishing Intimacy & Trust)

      • Your Coaching Log

      • Your Welcome Packet

      • Setting the Coaching Agreement

      • Setting your Value

    • Jan 21. CORE COMPETENCY CLASS. Facilitating Learning and Results

      • Utilizing the 5 Spirals of the Lokahi Wheel

      • Designing Actions

      • Planning and Goal Setting

      • Managing Progress and Accountability

    • Jan 22. (WED). Week 1 of Women’s Fire Journey, Opening Call, Mentor Introductions & Small Group Assignments

    • Jan. 28. Group Support Call

    • Jan. 29.(WED). Week 2 of Women’s Fire Journey, AIR & Vijnanamaya Kosha with Dr. Jinju

      • Feminine and Masculine Ways of Knowing, Being & Manifesting

      • Epigenetics & Biology of Belief (Dr. Bruce Lipton’s Work)

      • Power of Simulation (Studies showing increased muscle mass as a result of imagined exercise!)

    • Feb. 4. Group Support Call

    • Feb. 5. (WED). Week 3 of Women’s Fire Journey, Group Flow & Shares.

    • Apr. 7. Communicating Effectively

      • Active Listening

      • Powerful Questioning

      • Direct Communication

  • Facts and Forces for Evolutionary Change (As Part of the Women’s Virtual Coaching Journey! Coach Trainees will be tested on the content, while virtual coaching ladies do not)

    • Jan. 21. The Goddess Brain with Dr. Jinju

    • Oct. 22. Naturopathic Solutions to Women’s Neuro-Endo-physiological Depletions with Dr. Ivory Raye

    • Feb. 4. Evolutionary Perspectives with Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris

    • Feb. 11. The Brain in LOVE & RELATIONSHIP

      • Heart-Brain Neurophysiology

      • Heart Intelligence & Science of Intuition

      • Limbic Resonance

      • Maternal Behavior, Forgiveness, Divine Mother Consciousness & why they all matter

    • Feb. 18. Moon & Womb Tantric Wisdom with Cassandra Rose

SPRING BREAK (Mar. 3 - Mar. 17)

From Myths to Molecules, Macro- to Micro-cosms, A Cross-Cultural Look (Spiral 3??)

      • Cosmic Serpent, Mama Aya, Sacred Science, DMT…

    • Vedic Astrology with Dr. Katie - Healing Begins in the Mind (Why this should be a part of EVERY transformational program)

    • Play, Pleasure & Possibility

  • NaiAsana YTT

    • Dr. Katy

      • Divine Mother Chant (Lalita Sahasranama)

      • Pada 3 (Hmm… maybe Level 2 NaiAsana)


Conference 2 (7 days, 50 HR Training):

Jun 15 - 22, 2020 (New Moon)

  • Therapeutic Flow Arts Certification & Graduation

    • NSFT’s

  • NaiAsana Yoga Teacher Level 1 Certification & Graduation

    • Anatomy

  • Location: TBA (aiming for Colorado again, or another beautiful N. America location)

Conference 3 (14 days, 50 HR Training):

Oct 23 - Nov 1, 2020 (Full Moon)

  • The next Beauty that Transforms (BTT) Retreat & Training

  • NaiAsa Coach Trainees who have previously attended

BTT will attend this retreat as Facilitators

  • NeuroSomatic Soul Coach Graduation!!!

  • Location: NaiAsa Institute & Retreat Center, BALI BABY!!!!

  • To explore and grow inside of an evidence- and experience- based curriculum weaving the neuroscience of transformation, flow psychology, yoga, somatics, dance, and play

  • Begin to master the fundamentals of dancing with poi and the hula hoop

  • Release tensions, trauma, and old holding patterns in the body leaving you feeling lighter, stronger, and healthier through a this unique somatic movement practice

  • Get a taste of the art and practice of ontological soul coaching for ourselves and others

  • Benefit from an expanded transformational and healing "toolbox" full of practices and exercises that will support you in cultivating balance, grace and flow

  • Re-harmonize the masculine with the feminine, mind with body, right with left, science with soul, and knowledge with wisdom

  • Enjoy a deeper knowing of your innate and vast beauty, brilliance, and wisdom

  • Learn strategies to develop your intuition, self-trust, and clarity on your life path

  • Engage action-based breakthroughs toward living a life filled with purpose, passion & possibility

  • Be fully supported in awakening your inner fire and living your biggest dreams while having a blast

  • Walk away with new skills, inspiration and insights you can continue to apply to your own life and begin to share with your clients, students, patients, friends and family


*The SFAI model for ontological and somatic coaching weaves modern science, yogic philosophy, indigenous teachings, the elemental medicine wheel, dance, and the flow arts into a dynamic and unique curriculum for transformational learning.