After several years of development, we’re proud to release our training program which, we feel, is one of the most comprehensive of its kind in the world . . . .


We are here to serve and provide education for women who have awakened to the dire need for new paradigms of healing that are sustainable, affordable, and accessible to the masses.

  “Sister Circle”   Artist: Karen MacKenzie

“Sister Circle”

Artist: Karen MacKenzie


At NaiAsa Institute, we recognize and operate from the following:

  • virtually all of the “problems” that show up in a person’s life (physical, emotional, mental, social, professional, romantic, financial) result from the same core imbalance

  • When harmony is restored at the root, healing will happen naturally in the periphery

  • the most common “root” imbalance in the modern world is energetic with yang energies dominating yin energies, resulting in a disharmonious flow of Sacred Feminine & Masculine (see diagram)

We believe that the balancing of these energies, coupled with clear vision, purpose & commitment inside of a loving community, people thrive with joy, ease & flow.

To be a NaiAsa Institute-certified coach, you must be able to demonstrate knowledge, presentation skills, mastery of flow foundations, applications of learned theories (e.g., Lokahi Medicine Wheel), facilitation skills, and create accountability and trust.

As a result of investing time, energy, and resources into this comprehensive program, women will not just be coaches . . . . they will be NaiAsa Institute Coaches which means they:

  • Are Healers, Spiritual Counselors, Priestesses, Educators, and Social Activists

  • Are certified yoga teachers and lovers of dance and creative movement

  • Have mastered theoretical AND experiential concepts of neuroscience & flow psychology

  • Have the equivalent of a Masters Degree that rivals the best of any programs out there

  • Have transcended the illusion of separateness that pervades society today

  • Are focused more on how people FEEL as opposed to how much they KNOW

  • See how the unlocking of the Sacred Feminine within each is a path to heal the planet

  • Cultivate harmony between science and spirituality, technology and nature, and yin and yang principles


We are only accepting 12 women for this inaugural training.

These fortunate women will be considered NaiAsa Institute’s “Founding Mothers” and conferred certain benefits that will not be available to anyone else.



The program, after the inaugural one mentioned above, will consist of 4 tracks starting with a Foundations layer which is the primary prerequisite for each:

 Gaia  Artist: Unknown


Artist: Unknown

Foundations (Core Competency)

Then one, a combination, or all of the following can be taken after:

NeuroSomatic Soul Coach™ Training and Certification

This combines methods from classical coaching with body therapy. Recent developments in neurobiology show how important it is to work in coaching and therapy not only with words but also with the body. The result is Neuro Somatic Coaching (NCS). In this work, body knowledge becomes an essential part of the change process for embodied leadership, living, and purpose.

NeuroSomatic Soul Coaching creates new ways of being through new ways of moving that re-wire the brain and nervous system, in a way that simultaneously releases trauma and old limiting pattern - reclaiming the wisdom of the body - making the intelligence of the body the biggest ally in living a life aligned with one’s deepest Truths and highest guides in making choices for the optimal health of one’s mind, body and soul.

Therapeutic Flow Arts

For professionals in therapy,  health science, corporate coaching, and yoga, this program allows them to expand their practice to include flow movement specifically designed to unlock areas in the brain where traditional therapies don’t focus. Combined with modalities that touch the feminine side of each client, Therapeutic Flow Arts offers professionals a new pathway to healing & transformation that would be a powerful addition to their current practice.

NaiAsana™ Yoga Teacher Training

This yoga practice is a way for women to come home - to the heart, the body, and the soul. Female practitioners all over the world have felt disconnected to today’s popular flows which are too “masculine” -  rigid, asana-based, linear, and rigorous. (It’s not surprising that the most popular, asana-based practices today came from Patanjali, a man.) For those practitioners looking for something to awaken the essence of the Sacred Feminine, then NaiAsana™ is the answer. With its cross-cultural, somatic practice weaving asana, dance, flow arts, and PLAY both on and off the mat, this Tantric vinyasa of spiral, rhythmic and cross-body movement patterns, often incorporating props such as poi or the hula hoop, powerfully restores and re-patterns the nervous system.

We are either going to have a future where women lead the way to make peace with the Earth or we are not going to have a human future at all.
— Vandana Shiva

As a possible Founding Mother, you’re getting early access to these trainings. When you embark on the journey to being a NaiAsa Institute-certified practitioner, you’ll get access to ALL of these programs for a very SPECIAL exchange amount. In addition, we’ve arranged the curriculum in a specific way so it can be completed in a time frame that would also allow you to take on a role of educator or facilitator in a, near-term, future goddess journey or retreat.


The curriculum of each program covers 5 essential elements:

AIR (Science) - This element invites theoretical study and curious exploration to cultivate wisdom, inspiration, knowledge, intention, and clear vision. Candidates will devote scholarly study of and within the realms of neuroscience, cosmology, language & ancient philosophies (Koshas, Lokahi medicine wheel, etc.)

EARTH (Soma) -  The Earth element roots the formless into form, and honors physical experience through all sensory systems as a crucial way of “knowing” and “discerning.” Candidates will learn how to create safe and strong containers for healing and embodied transformation to occur for themselves and for their clients. Before committing to this program, candidates are required to immerse into the experiential aspects of NaiAsa Institute principles by attending the full Beauty that Transforms retreat. The next retreat will be held in Bali on Mar. 1 - 11th, 2019. Details here.

BTT study time .jpeg

WATER (Sacred FeminYinity) - According to many cultures, water is considered the most feminine/yin and the most powerful of all the elements. Water rules the realm of emotionality, sensuality, relationships, and the art of flow. Research has confirmed that relationship is more important for the healing journey than any techniques used by a therapist, psychologist, physician, counselor, and beyond. This is also the component that seems to get the least attention in most Western-based, health professional training programs. Because NaiAsa Coaches are also healers, candidates will cultivate those essential qualities of presence, playfulness, compassion, and beyond to cultivate nurturing relationships that naturally propel clients forward in a balanced, and organic, way.

FAQ: What’s the Difference between a Life Coach and a Therapist? We can link 3 amazing articles!!

FIRE (Soul Expression) -  Fire is the element that ignites action and transformation. NaiAsa Coaches will be skilled in and committed to having their clients take action that is most importantly, aligned with purpose at the soul level. Candidates will have ample practice in mock coaching scenarios and will demonstrate their skills through various practicums throughout the training program. And yes, for those wondering, fire-dancing definitely plays a significant part in setting this program apart from any and all others.

SPIRIT (Seva) - Seva is the sanskrit word for “selfless service.” Seva is also an important key to sustainability in the new world. Conscious surrender and REST are the final vital parts of every learning cycle and necessary for integration and restoration. NaiAsa Institute has designed this training program (and all programs) to include both Seva and relaxed integration time as essential elements of not only the training, but also the bigger vision of NaiAsa.

Each phase, conference, or retreat mentioned below will have a mix of these elements contained within.

As mentioned earlier, this inaugural curriculum along with the benefits of being a Founding Mother, will only be offered to the 1st 12 women who join the program. After that, the 4 parts of the program will be separate and offered individually with their own exchange amount.

The future of the world depends on the full restoration of the sacred feminine in all its tenderness, passion, divine ferocity, and surrendered persistence.
— Andrew Harvey



3 Virtual Phases

  • Oct 1 - Dec 3, 2019 (Tuesdays, 7 pm, MST, 100 Hrs)

  • Jan. 14 - Jun 10, 2020 (Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 7 pm, MST, 100 Hrs)

  • July - Sept., 2020 (Session Dates TBA, 25 Hrs)

    • Complete Practice Hrs

    • Complete Observed Coaching Sessions

    • One on One Mentorship/Coaching Sessions with Dr. Jinju

    • SEVA Workshop

    • Transition into Trainers & Faculty

    • Business of Coaching

2 In-Person Conferences (Attendance Required)

  • Sept 12 - 15, 2019 (25 Hrs)

  • Jun 22 - 28, 2020 (50 Hrs)

1 Retreat (Attendance Required)

  • Oct 23 - Nov 1, 2020

 Namake, Hawaiian Goddess of the Sea  Artist: Unknown

Namake, Hawaiian Goddess of the Sea

Artist: Unknown



5 days - 25 HR Training

Sept 12 - 15, 2019 (Full Moon)

  • Opening & Training Initiation

  • Intro to the theory, history, and philosophy of Life Coaching, Yoga, and Flow Arts

  • Intro to the Art & Practice of NeuroSomatic Soul Coaching

    • Neural & Bio-feedback Exercises (maybe!)

    • Spiral 1 Core Competencies & Facilitation Skills (To begin practicing in your learning groups)

      • Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards

      • Co-creating and Setting the Foundation for a Coaching Relationship

      • Language and Communicating Effectively

    • Somatics/Anatomy: Hips, Lips and Soulmatic Tricks

    • Nature Immersion - Journal Patterns of Flow in Nature

    • Intuition

  • Soul Flow Poi Priestess Initiations & Celebration

  • Movement and Dance throughout the weekend!

  • Small Sister Group Assignments

  • Location: TBA but somewhere in the US . . . . leaning toward Colorado

Virtual Phase 1

15 classes + small group + self-study - 100 HR

Oct 1 - Dec 3, 2019 (Tuesdays, 7 pm, MST)

  • Self-Directed Flow Practice

  • Small Group Coaching Practice (2x month)

  • Theoretical Study of the Neuroscience of Transformational Learning. Topics include:

    • Oct. 1. The Human Nervous System (high level) with Dr. Jinju

      • Neurons that Fire Together Wire Together

    • Oct. 8. How We Learn is Everything with Dr. Jinju

      • Behavioral Conditioning

      • Addiction

      • Neural Reprogramming & Repatterning

    • Oct. 15. Moods, Emotions & The Neurophysiology of the Spiral Journey of Expanding & Contracting with Dr. Jinju

    • Oct. 22. Review and Exam Week

    • Oct 29. Understanding Stress and Releasing Trauma with Dr. Jinju

    • Nov. 5. The Power of Somatic Movement (Yoga, Dance, Flow Arts, etc.,..)  in Healing & Transformation with Dr. Jinju

      • The Flow State

      • Juggling, Dance & Poi Studies

    • Nov. 12. Anatomy of Movement with Tracy Knowles

    • Nov. 19. Acupressure for Stress and releasing Trauma with Tracy Knowles

    • Dec. 3. Review

Every woman is an ageless Goddess, an expression of the Sacred Feminine physical form.
— Dr. Christiane Northrup

Phase 1 - Practicum (25 HR)

Dec. 3 - 17, 2019. (These meetings are reserved for Student Presentations)

      • Oral & Written Exams

      • Sacred Scholarship Papers & Presentations (Make it a topic you feel inspired to base for your signature class/course to teach at NaiAsa Institute and beyond)

      • Video Submissions Due for Demonstration of Mastery in Flow Foundations

      • Reflection Videos from Small Group Coaching Practices (to be shared in private FB Group as well)

WINTER BREAK (Dec. 18 - Jan. 13)

Phase 2

Virtual Study (classes + small group + practice coaching, 100 HR)


Jan. 14 - Jun 10, 2020 (Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 7 pm, MST)

  • Practice Coaching Hours (You will be assigned as Mentors for Women in the 4 ½ mo. Sacred Feminine Fire Coaching Journey)

  • Practice Guiding Somatic Movement

  • Coaching & Facilitation Skills

    • Jan. 14. CORE COMPETENCY CLASS. Setting the Foundation

      • Co-Creating the Coaching Relationship (Establishing Intimacy & Trust)

      • Your Coaching Log

      • Your Welcome Packet

      • Setting the Coaching Agreement

      • Setting your Value

    • Jan 21. CORE COMPETENCY CLASS. Facilitating Learning and Results

      • Utilizing the 5 Spirals of the Lokahi Wheel

      • Designing Actions

      • Planning and Goal Setting

      • Managing Progress and Accountability

    • Jan 22. (WED). Week 1 of Women’s Fire Journey, Opening Call, Mentor Introductions & Small Group Assignments

    • Jan. 28. Coaching Support & Mentorship Call on Core Competencies


    • Jan. 29.(WED). Week 2 of Women’s Fire Journey, AIR & Vijnanamaya Kosha with Dr. Jinju

      • Feminine and Masculine Ways of Knowing, Being & Manifesting

      • Epigenetics & Biology of Belief (Dr. Bruce Lipton’s Work)

      • Power of Simulation (Studies showing increased muscle mass as a result of imagined exercise!)

    • Feb. 4. CORE COMPETENCY CLASS. Communicating Effectively

      • Active Listening

      • Powerful Questioning

      • Direct Communication

      • Language Distinctions

    • Feb. 5. (WED). Week 3 of Women’s Fire Journey, Luminary Presentation with Dr. Katy on Life Insights from Vedic Astrology

    • Feb. 11. Coaching Support & Mentorship Call

    • Feb. 12. (WED). Week 4 of Women’s Fire Journey, Guided Flow & Group Shares.

books .jpeg

------ Feb. 18. INTEGRATION WEEK-------

Feb. 19. (WED). Week 5 of Women’s Fire Journey, INTEGRATION (No Gathering)


    • Feb. 25. CORE COMPETENCY CLASS. Structures to Support Client’s Progress including Planning, Commitments & Accountability.

    • Feb. 26. (WED). Week 6 of Women’s Fire Journey, EARTH & Annamaya Kosha with Dr. Jinju

      • The Goddess Body, Brain & Healthy Boundaries

    • Mar. 3. Coaching Support & Mentorship Call

    • Mar. 4. (WED). Week 7 of Women’s Fire Journey, Luminary Presentation (Moon & Womb Wisdom with Cassandra Rose)

    • Mar. 10. Coaching Support & Mentorship Call

    • Mar. 11. (WED). Week 8 of Women’s Fire Journey, Guided Flow & Group Shares.

------ Mar. 17 & 24. SPRING BREAK & INTEGRATION-------

Mar. 18 & 25. (WED). Week 9 & 10 of Women’s Fire Journey, INTEGRATION (No Gathering)


    • Mar. 31. CORE COMPETENCY CLASS. The Coaching Relationship.

      • The Role of Limbic Resonance in Trust & Transformation

      • Maternal Behavior, Forgiveness, Divine Mother Consciousness & why they all matter

    • Apr. 1. (WED). Week 11 of Women’s Fire Journey, WATER & Pranamaya Kosha with Dr. Jinju

      • Neurobiology of The Flow State

      • Heart & Brain Neurophysiology

      • Heart Intelligence & Science of Intuition

    • Apr. 7. Coaching Support & Mentorship Call

    • Apr. 8. (WED). Week 12 of Women’s Fire Journey, Luminary Presentation (Tracy Knowles)

    • Apr. 14. Coaching Support & Mentorship Call

    • Apr. 15. (WED). Week 13 of Women’s Fire Journey, Guided Flow & Group Shares.

------ Apr. 21. INTEGRATION WEEK -------

Apr. 22. (WED). Week 14 of Women’s Fire Journey, INTEGRATION (No Gathering)

The very life-force of the universe is the face of the feminine spirit.
— Sally Kempton


    • Apr. 28. CORE COMPETENCY CLASS. Igniting Action.

    • Apr. 29. (WED). Week 15 of Women’s Fire Journey, FIRE & Manomaya Kosha with Dr. Jinju

    • May 5. Coaching Support & Mentorship Call

    • May 6. (WED). Week 16 of Women’s Fire Journey, Luminary Presentation

    • May 12. Coaching Support & Mentorship Call

    • May 13. (WED). Week 17 of Women’s Fire Journey, Guided Flow & Group Shares.

------ May 19. INTEGRATION WEEK -------

May 20. (WED). Week 18 of Women’s Fire Journey, INTEGRATION (No Gathering)

 Spirit  Artist: Unknown


Artist: Unknown


    • May 26. CORE COMPETENCY CLASS. The Spiritual Realm of Coaching.

    • May 27. (WED). Week 19 of Women’s Fire Journey, SPIRIT & Anandamaya Kosha with Dr. Jinju (Synchronicity Spirit Stories)

    • Jun 2. CORE COMPETENCY CLASS. From Myths to Molecules, Micro- to Macro-cosms, and across cultures and Herstory.

    • Jun 3. (WED). Week 20. Luminary Presentation (Evolutionary Perspectives with Elisabet Sahtouris again!)

    • Jun 9. Last Group Coaching Support & Mentorship Call

    • Jun 10. (WED). Week 21. Closing & Celebration Call


Conference 2 (7 days, 50 HR Training):

Jun 22 - 28, 2020 (New Moon)

  • Therapeutic Flow Arts Certification & Graduation

    • NSFT’s

  • NaiAsana Yoga Teacher Level 1 Certification & Graduation

    • Breakdown of Specific NaiAsana Sequences

    • Anatomy

    • Dr. Katy

      • Divine Mother Chant (Lalita Sahasranama)

      • Pada 3 Introduction

    • Play, Pleasure & Possibility

  • Location: TBA (aiming for Colorado again, or another beautiful N. America location)

Phase 3

  • July - Sept., 2020 (Session Dates TBA, 25 Hrs)

    • Complete Practice Hrs

    • Begin Generating Income (if you haven’t already!)

    • Complete Observed Coaching Sessions

    • One on One Mentorship/Coaching Sessions with Dr. Jinju

    • SEVA Workshop

    • Opportunity to Transition into NaiAsa Institute Trainers & Faculty

    • Business of Coaching

 Getty Image

Getty Image


Conference 3 (14 days, 50 HR Facilitator Training):

Oct 23 - Nov 1, 2020 (Full Moon)

  • The next Beauty that Transforms (BTT) Retreat & Training

  • NaiAsa Coach Trainees who have previously attended

BTT will attend this retreat as Facilitators

  • NeuroSomatic Soul Coach Graduation!!!

  • Location: NaiAsa Institute & Retreat Center, BALI BABY!!!!

Graduates of this program will demonstrate:

  • •Presenter Level of Understanding of NeuroSomatics

  • •Thorough understanding of basic neurophysiology

  • Ability to facilitate Mind-Body Re-Programming/Re-patterning of Behavior and Beliefs

  • •Mastery of basic NaiAsana vinyasas

  • Sacred Scholarship Research Paper with evidence-based research & presentation

Certified Graduates are:

  • Ready to start coaching immediately

  • Continually supported

  • Able to create and hold space for healing & transformation

What’s so special about the first training?

In addition to your training and graduating as a certified coach, you also (upon graduation) get a rare opportunity to:

  'mothering' Mandala   Artist: Karen MacKenzie

'mothering' Mandala

Artist: Karen MacKenzie

  • Be part of the “Mother Circle” with a designation as a Founding Mother of NaiAsa Institute and the greater vision and mission it holds.

  • Be invited to be part of the core faculty, team of trainers for future trainings, and/or team of facilitators for future retreats.

  • Be a founding member of the only educational institute of its kind founded by WOMEN, and in the greater service of the Sacred and Divine Feminine within and all around, supported by and in harmony with the Sacred and Divine Masculine energies within and all around.

  • Be part of a new paradigm of business, education, and communing aligned with conscious, green and compassionate living.

  • Call the paradise island of Bali “home” (at least part-time).

Not your typical coaching training program.

What makes the NaiAsa coach training program & model unique is the incorporation & utilization of:

  • For women only

  • Harmonious Approach to Coaching balanced in the Masculine & Feminine Energies (Especially for women to remember the power of NOT forcing, but rather ALLOWING their dreams to manifest & unfold. Our 9-month coaching journey is a case in point of what’s possible without the masculine pressures & linear

  • Healing arts such as flow arts, yoga, and dance

  • Highly integrative model based in Spiral Flow Dynamics, Indigenous Wisdom and Modern Science

  • Cross-cultural approach to understanding the human condition

  • The curriculum was designed and is directed by a woman who is also a doctor of neuroscience

  • Divine and Sacred Feminine principles & teachings

  • Moon Cycles & Hormones

  • All coaches are required to complete 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training of their choice.

  • Yogic Philosophy (Kosha System & Tantra)

  • SEVA (Sanskrit word for selfless service) - All NaiAsa coaches are required to fulfill one year of voluntary mentorship for under-resourced women and/or their families in the NaiAsa nonprofit outreach program.

  • Radical Business Growth Support. From the start of the program, we will begin to promote you to the world through the website, retreats, virtual programs.

  • Tribe for Life

But there’s much more . . .



One aspect which makes this first training program for the Founding Mothers one of the most unique in the world is . . . .  the participation in a conscious, stewardship exchange investment that continues to grow and make a difference.

Based on our research, the NaiAsa Institute is the 1st in this field to incorporate such an opportunity within its training program!

 Vision sketch of NaiAsa Institute Retreat Center & Eco-Village   Artist: Jinju Dasalla

Vision sketch of NaiAsa Institute Retreat Center & Eco-Village

Artist: Jinju Dasalla

Stewardship Levels

Stewardship 1: Included in your tuition.


  • Lifetime designation of being an Honorary Founding Mother of NaiAsa Institute (beyond graduation you don’t have to do or pay anything more to hold this designation)

  • Lifetime membership giving you FREE or discounted access to select courses, classes, etc....

  • A portion of your tuition will go towards the land purchase and building of the NaiAsa Retreat Center and the Goddess Flow Temple. Your name will be displayed there as a Founding Mother.

  • 7-night stay per year at the NaiAsa Retreat Center (These are not “use it or lose it days”, miss a year… up to 4 years, any unused days will rollover to the next year. So every 4 years, you have 1 month of free nesting waiting for you in paradise!

  • Priority and subsidized costs for hosting offerings/workshops/retreats of your own! (Separate from and/or in addition to NaiAsa Institute Retreats that you elect to co-facilitate.)



For those interested in our higher-level stewardships with added benefits, please connect with us.