NaiAsana: The Future of Yoga is here! 


Feel like your yoga practice is stagnant?
Tired of the same asanas over and over again? 
Want to feel sexy, playful, and expanded while you flow? 


The evolution of yoga is moving off-the-mat. Practitioners are wanting more creativity and dance in their movements. (For example, it's now known that Vinyasa yoga was born out of dance.) 

On-the-mat asanas don't re-pattern the nervous system because they don't involve new, contra-lateral movement (movement patterns using both sides of the brain and body) which is known to be the healthiest kind for our brains. In addition, asanas don't usually synchronize both of the hemispheres. 

When we move our bodies in new ways, we literally create new neural pathways which lead to new patterns of thinking resulting in new ways of being in the world. 

With NaiAsana, you'll elevate your practice because you'll get to: 

  • re-pattern your brain to create new, empowering subconscious beliefs
  • open up & expand your body beyond the confines of the mat
  • heal mental & emotional dis-ease
  • come home to your true, divine feminine essence

On November 18th, we're a hosting a sold-out, 1/2 day retreat in Boulder, CO  called "Awaken Your Sacred Feminine Fire". In this retreat, Dr. Jinju Dasalla, co-founder of Soul Flow Alchemy and creator of NaiAsana, will lead a 90-minute, NaiAsana class and be the world premiere of this new, yogic evolution. 

Be one of the first in the world to see and participate in this new practice virtually in your own home; in addition, get a "Virtual Pass" to certain aspects of this retreat, by filling the form to the right, requesting an invitation, and joining our mailing list. 

Stay to the end where we'll be announcing a new offering with a very special, discounted price!  

To learn more about Dr. Jinju, please go here.

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