(Photo above from Apel Photography)

The Founding Circle of Mothers (announced in early 2019)

These women saw the vision from the beginning and put their time, energy, and resources to ensure its execution and success

Their profound contribution will have an effect on the future generations of Goddesses all over the world.

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Council of Advisors 

Because of the work they've done in the field of Flow, these women 
help keep the NaiAsa Institute on course and true to its vision. 

They're pioneers in their respective fields and we're lucky to have them
in our corner.  

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These goddesses help deliver the unique content in their respective fields and are fully certified to teach the NaiAsa Institute program.

Please connect with us if you’d like to book some Soul Time with them.

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Team & Priestesses

Making NaiAsa Institute operate wouldn’t be possible without these Women. Some help our retreats run smoothly, while others ensure that Soul Flow Poi gets delivered with Love.

They make the Village happen.