Mom & Baby Poi Dancing - New Mamas Keep Your Dance Alive!

Soul Flow Mama & 6 month old Baby Sekai poi-dancing at Mussel Rock, CA

Definitely requiring me (Jinju) to get back to the basics of my practice, but my goodness, feels so good to be dancing!

This will be the first of hopefully many little videos to inspire all the new mamas out there to keep their dance alive!

One of my biggest fears about becoming a mother was losing my passion and ability to keep dancing the way I did before becoming a mother.

As another mother shared with me, "You will keep dancing. Your dance will simply evolve." And evolve it does... It's been challenging to find the time... And realizing now more than ever how important it is to make the time. Even if it's only 5 min a day!

No matter where u are on your path, may u keep your dance alive, and may your dance keep your soul in flow!

Special thanks to my beloved soul flow mate Nova Dasalla for capturing this dance today... Thank YOU baby for encouraging me to keep dancing!!! And for inspiring me as you keep flying :)

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