The Fire Within. A poem and dance dedicated to the sacred dancer within us all


I made this poetry - dance video art piece with every speck of my heart, body and soul... and my past, present and future.... If I ever had to pick one thing to say to the world - this would be it. One of the most important lessons I've learned on my path is that healing comes with love and with harmony - head with heart, mind with body, science with spirituality, technology with nature and knowledge with wisdom... wisdom that burns like a fire within... 

May we all nurture that inner flame... may we all nurture each other's flames... may we dance and shine the light that comes with joyful movement, love and compassion... The world needs it, we all need it, may we keep reminding each other of what matters most in life... I offer this with so much love... and gratitude for the miracle of life and love.

Nova DComment