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5-Year Vision

Written by Dr. Jinju Dasalla

(Photo above of “Women by the Lotus Pond” 1930 by Adrien Jean Le Mayeur de Merprés)

June 22, 2023

Today, I am beyond proud to say that NaiAsa Institute has rapidly become recognized and respected world-wide for not only pioneering new paradigms of training and education, but also for the positive impact NaiAsa outreach programs have had on the lives of thousands of women and children around the world. It’s an incredible feeling to have so many individuals and organizations turning to NaiAsa Institute for inspiration and guidance during these radically shifting, often chaotic, times.

As I sit here in the beautiful NaiAsa Mother-Goddess-Flow-Temple-Sanctuary that was once only a dream, I am in tears, overwhelmed with joy as I look around me. The main temple stands strong and tall, yet flexible, infused with bamboo architecture, earthquake resistant eco-intelligent design, and ingrained with beauty beyond belief in every direction. It’s even more beautiful than in the vision I saw over 5 years ago!


The vision was of a temple built in honor of the infinite expressions of the Great Divine Mother, the Womb, and the Moon. In essence, a temple dedicated to invoking and celebrating sacred feminine wisdom, from across time and across cultures.

The vision transpired one morning a few months after we moved to Bali. It was a BIG Holy day in Bali, called Kuningan, which marked the end of a 10-day ceremony that began with Galungan. I was looking so forward to this day, specifically, to go to the temple that morning with our Balinese family. When I woke at 5:30 am to realize the blood of my menstrual moon had arrived, I was really bummed to have to skip out on a ceremony I was looking so forward to. Up until that moment, I never really thought twice about not entering a temple on my moon because I naively assumed those rules were in place in acknowledgment of the sheer POWER of menstrual energies.

That particular morning, however, as I lay in bed, I began to wonder, “Wait, if this was a way of HONORING women during moon time, then I wonder where the women go when everyone else goes to the main village temple?” At that very moment, there was a knock on our gate. When I opened the gate, there stood the most beautiful Balinese priestess, smiling at me as if she knew exactly who I was and why I was feeling sad.

She motioned for me to come with her.

So I did.

Guan Yin, Bali

Guan Yin, Bali

What happened next is something out of a dream. Long story short . . . . she took me to a secret temple.

It was actually not just one temple, it was a complex of temples that spiraled out from a main temple. It was tucked deep down in a valley filled with waterfalls, rainforest trees, brightly colored birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and tropical flowers I had never seen before. I spent the entire day there soaking in the sounds, the smells, and ancestral insights of our collective great great grandmothers - the wisdom that descended from our One Original Great Mother. I meditated, I journaled, I talked story with the other women there. I was invited and guided in engaging ritual with my blood. We prayed, chanted, sang, drummed, and danced in honor of the Goddess within and all around.

Inside and all around the temple were hundreds of statues, each delicately carved to portray a different Goddess.

The vision also revealed honorary plaques at the base of each Goddess Statue. You see, every statue represented a humanitarian cause so, as you walk amongst these statues, you also walk amongst the inspiring stories of how thousands of women’s and children’s lives have been impacted - even outright saved - all over the world. In addition to these global causes, each statue also serves to showcase the work of a local Balinese artist, and the smiles of that artist’s family also receiving support through the sponsorship. The vision was brilliantly orchestrated to unfold, of course - where else? - in Bali! It is the World Mecca for Art, with hundreds of thousands of stone craftsmen, sculptors, painters, and beyond, who are more than readily available and inspired to be a part of this NaiAsa Institute outreach project.

And now, 5 years later, it is truly surreal to look around to see 22 goddesses standing within and around the temple. The sculptures inside the temple are carved out of wood, while the goddesses outside are carved out of stone. The first few to be birthed were Kuan Yin, Pele, Naiya, Saraswati, and Gaia.

My heart is bursting with gratitude as I gaze around the circle, all of us, greeting each other with Aloha and Namaste. In front of me are stacks of awards, graduate certifications, and thank you gifts to all those who made this possible. The Founding Mothers, my beloved soul sisters and stewards of this sacred place and cause . . . . our faculty, our Luminaries, our Graduates, our council of advisors, our Balinese families, friends and loved ones.

Our 8-year-old son, Sekai, is running around the temple and retreat center grounds, playing with the sweet orphaned children that have become a part of our ever-expanding Soul Flow Ohana. Nova is by my side, sitting with me in this sacred circle today, as we gather with several beloved souls in celebration and in honor of so many dreams come true. Welcome everyone. Welcome each and every one of you.



These are the women I have had the greatest honor of collectively birthing this vision into reality with.

These women saw the vision from the beginning and invested their time, energy, and resources to ensure its execution and success. Their profound contribution and stellar stewardship has already positively impacted the future generations of Goddesses all over the world.

To the Founding Mothers who followed the call to make Mama Bali one of your homes, it has been the most JOYOUS experience to spend intimate time together, building community, digging our hands into the earth, harvesting and sharing the bounty of our garden, and the fruits of these magic land trees - coconut, papaya, avocado, and - oh! -the mangosteens! I will never forget the power of building and completing the temple altar, and being synchronistically guided to the first Goddess statues blessing our temple space, and the causes they each support. I can’t help but smile reflecting back on our first yoga and dance classes for the local women, children and families . . . . and seeing how much they’ve grown!


My Beloved NaiAsa Founding Mothers, because of them, the Neurosomatic Soul & Life Coach Training Program has been wildly successful!

This was NaiAsa Institute’s first official training program and served as the foundation on which all else has been birthed. I will forever cherish that first graduation, in March of 2021, at the end of the Beauty that Transforms retreat in Bali. It was deeply emotional and unforgettable for all of us, especially because this graduation initiated these 12 women as the Founding Mothers, Core Faculty, and Core Training Team of NaiAsa. The nurturing and sacred sister bonds that formed during this training set the stage for an educational and healing institute like no other in the world.  And since then, we have trained and graduated 36 NaiAsa Coaches, 12 of which are local Indonesian women, bringing these joyful practices along with revolutionary scientific knowledge to their organizations, schools, and families.

I am especially grateful for how the Founding Mothers have expanded and enriched our core curriculum with ancient knowledge and important “Her”story needed to more fully empower women everywhere.

Because of these women (and our amazing faculty and advisors), “work” spaces around the world are being redefined to incorporate more play, yoga, and even DANCE!! But most importantly, compassion, respect, and sacredness.

I remember over 5 years ago, when several of us “congratulated” ourselves on a successful “Trojan Horse” mission! How we laughed as we talked about dressing NaiAsa Institute up in a white coat, glasses, and lots of impressive “Letter Jewelry”... so she would get invited to parties & conferences filled with people who would never EVER think of themselves as sensual, passionate, embodied souls… and in essence, WE DID IT! We’ve all played a part in liberating countless professionals to SHINE, SHIMMY & SPIN BLISSFULLY all over their conference rooms! Look at all the letters we’ve received from CEO’s and other directing managers who continue to thank us for transforming their corporate and academic board meetings to begin with mandatory deep breathing & big shimmying to cultivate the resonant flow fields that give rise to joyous innovation, production & evolution.

Together, we dreamed of the day that goddesses like you, me, and beyond, would get PAID to implement “soul shimmy flow” programs into institutions, departments, hospitals, companies, schools, and Wow!!! We did it!!

Congratulations to all of us!!! I’ll never forget the first check we paid out in the amount of $22,000 to one of our North America Based Facilitators for their portion after helping implement (over just one month of work, 4 days out of each week) this program into 4 different organizations!! And then the shock factor for us all when they loved the program so much, they referred it out to 8 more companies!! Ever since, we have had a waitlist of companies who want YOU/US to come help transform their work environments!! I’m so happy for you all, for US all, to be generating so much financial abundance while doing what we LOVE… AND simultaneously making an impact on the world!!


Vision is above!

The yoga temple was the first structure built. Completed within a year of buying the land, doors opened to the public on Nov. 11, 2019. The shala is beautiful beyond what I could’ve imagine 5 years ago!


In 2019, we launched a monthly (every New Moon) virtual global gathering of women from all over the world! Every gathering weaved meditation, movement & heartfelt sharing. Our sacred sisterhood has grown to over 10,000 over the past 5 years!! Because of this expansion, we are running retreats more often to bring more opportunity for even deeper bonding, healing and co-creation.


And the poi!! Yes, we must celebrate the fact that orders are coming in from yoga studios, movement centers, schools, universities, retirement homes, corporate wellness departments, and individual family households from ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! We have over a hundred orders of poi coming in every month!!

Ever since we committed 100% of the proceeds to go directly to the building of a women and children’s sanctuary, sales sky-rocketed! And Of course they did… these poi were birthed with purpose and blessed by Pele to facilitate the healing of human suffering on a grander scale than I could imagine 10 years ago.

And the sanctuary… we are incredibly fortunate and blessed to have Ibuku sponsoring the building of this sacred center for women, children and the sister orphanage, Yayasan NaiAsa!!! Yessss!!!!


NaiAsana Yoga catapulted to an international and visible level as a result of saying YES to the 2019 Wanderlust North America Tour! We have graduated 44 NaiAsana Yoga teachers from 8 different countries. Of that number, we have 10 local Balinese women, a few from the local village who are teaching weekly classes right here at NaiAsa Institute’s Goddess Flow Temple.

The art and practice continues to take delightfully surprising new twists in expanding the possibilities of creative healing expression for all who play. In fact, we offered our first workshop incorporating “Fire”. It was beautiful beyond words. Yes, the journey of Beauty that Transforms continues to spiral onward, upward, inward, and beyond.


I will never forget the first time I worked with someone in a wheelchair. He was an elder with cerebral Palsy. He was a beautiful and kind soul. I wished I could do more and work with him longer, and I just didn’t have the bandwidth and we were on the move. Seeing his joy and rapid acceleration with the poi movements was inspiring to say the least.

I’m so happy to report that we have just recently launched in-house and outreach programs for the Elderly!!

I am even more thrilled to share that our signature program has been adopted at hospitals, clinics, and centers all over the world!! Thus, spreading the medicine to ALL who can benefit - the elderly, the terminally ill, the children, and even the professional care-givers as self-care and to uplift the general mood and spirit of employees!  


NaiAsa has also created a world-renowned eco-village (maybe this is more like 10 years ;)  that is serving as an example of a successful model for community living, made famous rooted in distinct principles of the Sacred and Divine Feminine.

We, the Founding Mothers and Supporting Fathers, are so grateful we stuck to our inner goddess guns and as a result did not give in to all the advice coming in urging us to follow the same old patriarchal paradigms & models of business, education, healing, building, and living in community.

Oh, and because the value of the land has doubled in 5 years, we can now expand our horizons and possibilities!

In fact, we have expanded our vision to create a global eco-village network because so many of us love spending time in so many different parts of the world! A few possibilities include Hawaii, New Zealand, Southern Europe, South America, Costa Rica, Asia, Africa… Goddesses of the World UNITE!!


Vision coming!


Vision coming!