2015 Beauty that Transforms - Hawai’i

They say you never forget your 1st . . . . retreat.

WOW!!! What can we say?!? We've never heard so many declare this time the most amazing time of their lives, Nova and I included!

These photos don't come close to doing this journey justice.

21 souls have traveled from all over the world to take a journey in embracing THEIR dreams, their hearts, that inner flame that guides them, that guides ALL of us... if we dare to allow it. It takes courage to the face the fears that inevitably come up when we choose to walk a new path in life, to awaken that inner fire, to heal, to transform, and commit to a new possibility.

These words by Tracy Knowles of Yinnovative Yoga, our resident Soul Flow Healer, Hoop Teacher, Yoga Teacher, and dear sister, however, capture the essence in a most extraordinary, heartfelt way. Thank you Tracy! These words will ring true and loud in our hearts forever:

"This particular life experience embodied SO MANY TREASURES for me. I am honored to be creating alongside/with the incredibly magical and powerful Soul Flow Arts team... teaching and sharing some of my favorite joys: hoop dance, yoga, bodywork, Synchronicity, and twerking smile emoticon. Not only was this epic in and of itself, but some of my favorite people, dearest soul friends & heart family joined us on the island to experience transformation, heart explosions and true UNITY in epic proportions with a group that could not have been any more perfectly aligned and ready. We shared from all aspects of our being ~ physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and SOUL. We shared our stories and practiced sacred listening. One of the things that I walk away from this journey with that is even more abundantly clear to me is the understanding that we need each other. We need to be creating together, sharing ourselves ~ our light and our shadows, we need to EXPRESS ourselves and be witnessed and embraced by our communities. We need to PARTICIPATE in community. We need to coax ourselves out of our isolated routines in our 'normal' lives and step in to help those that we love when they need a hand (or jolt) out of theirs. We need to move, dance, play and laugh. We need to rest, reflect, journal and cry. We need to BREATHE DEEP! We need to spend LOTS of time outside. We need to remember why we are here ~ to LOVE. We need to eat good food and sing TOGETHER. We need to play with and experience all of the elements (Koshas) Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Ether. We are all capable of far more than we give ourselves credit for and even attempt to accomplish in this life. I am amazed at what I witnessed from every single person that participated in this retreat and feel full body chills and an emotional rush reflecting on it all. Mahalo Lui Noa Beauty that Transforms 2015 Hawaii Retreat... now the inquiry of our transformation begins."

video (includes 2017 btt hawai’i highlights)