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Being part of this group of women gives me a feeling of spiritual belonging and high vibration and is helping me to see myself in a much more loving, truthful and celebratory way. Jinju is a wealth of inspiration, knowledge and love and creates an environment that is nothing short of magic.
— Heidi, BC, Canada

I feel challenged to reach beyond and eliminate the limitations I have for myself. I feel inspired by the collaboration and support of such a powerful circle. We all have something to share with the world, and this program is powerful, thought provoking, self exploring, heart opening and life changing.
— Jenn, Austin, TX

Being seen and heard in such an open forum is invaluable! As I connect to others more deeply, I learn about myself and solidify goals for my life in profound ways.
— Cortney, Denver, CO

I think the sister community that this retreat is creating is beyond invaluable. That coupled with the information/education we’re getting from the material as well as from each other makes this an experience like no other! I’m hoping it will spread worldwide and include more women, men and maybe older children in the future.
— Mary, Omaha, NE

I feel so empowered in my own personal journey to be learning, growing, and connecting with such beautiful goddesses each week. It truly is a nourishing container to plant our seeds of intentions, water them together, and watch them grow and manifest!
— 9-Month Journey attendee

My experience was pure inspiration. Every single person had a transformation. I’d recommend this retreat to anyone feeling that they’ve lost spirit because you will find it here.
— Landa, Alberta, CA

There is no other organization or person that has more greatly affected my life than Soul Flow Alchemy and Dr. Jinju Dasalla. I almost backed out of attending the retreat because it was a time in my life when I felt deeply depressed and like a failure. I’m so thankful that I didn’t cancel my trip. I really needed to be there to help me become the person I wanted to be and let myself be me. The magic and tools you provided and the space are something I go back to every day. Your retreat brought me more peace and hope than anything I had tried before.
— Tracie, NY, NY

I knew that participating in Jinju Dasalla’s workshop, Soul Flow Poi & Beauty that Transforms, was going to be a special day, well spent with a soulful group of people. What I did not know is how deeply I would connect with elements that she shared and how much raw beauty Jinju evoked from all of us who attended the workshop. Jinju put us all at ease by sharing her personal story of transformation and shift through flow and poi in particular and she set the stage for us all to bring to consciousness our own stories of change past, present and future. Without getting too heady, she revealed the incredibly positive physiological and psychological aspects of moving in flow. We then spent time with the poi, our new dance partners. We were able to embody and feel, first hand, the power of the dancing within the flow arts. We all were able to clearly see and feel that this type of movement mediation would be helpful to us on our personal journey of shift and change. This workshop was indeed a incredible day of sharing with other beautiful, conscious souls in a way that allowed each of us to open ourselves up to limitless possibilities and to great hope. I eagerly look forward to learning more from Jinju and participating in more workshops to further explore the power of the neuro-therapeutic nature of poi and the flow arts.
— Christina, Boulder, CO

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