2017 Hawai’i Nai’a Retreat

We welcomed 12 women to a 5-night, Soul Flow Dolphin and Yoga Retreat - a retreat that took place right after Beauty that Transforms - Hawai'i at Kalani.)

According to participants from a similar one we did in 2015, swimming with the dolphins on the Kona side was the perfect way to end their soul flow journey in Hawai'i. So, for some, this was a post-retreat option and, for others, a stand-alone opportunity to enjoy the magic of Hawai'i, swim with dolphins, connect with community, and simply . . . . relax.

We rented a 4-bedroom house at Kealakekua Bay, where we woke up to the sounds of the ocean and easily kayaked from the property to where the dolphins swim. (Since this time period fell over the New Moon, it’s quite common for the dolphins to show up in this or nearby locations!)

While this event offered yoga, poi, and hoop flow, the schedule was less structured to give more time to relax, connect with yourself, friends, dolphins, and the spirit of the Big Island.