For your guide for this section, click here. Please print and READ as soon as you can!

• Complete your Kosha Check-in Sheet by May 28th and share inside your Small Group
• Complete Alchemy Sheet 1 – BLISS BUBBLE BOARD by May 28th and share inside your small group
• Complete Alchemy Sheet 2 – YOUR 5-YEAR VISION LETTER by Jun 10th and share with big group on Jun 11th
• Complete Alchemy Sheet 3 – YOUR 3 SEEDS (by Jun 17th to share with group on Jun 18th) 
• Complete Alchemy Sheet 4 – YOUR 6-MONTH VISION LETTER (by June 25th to share with group on Jul 9th) 
• Complete Alchemy Sheet 5 – LANGUAGE DISTINCTIONS (this is a bonus for those who feel inspired) 
• Dedicate 5 min a day to NaiAsana (Flow, Dance and Yoga!)

week 5 - May 28 recording

  • Week 5 (May 28)  LECTURE #1. Vijnanamaya Kosha. Explore Possibilities. Discern what Matters Most. When the WHY is big enough the HOW is easy.


20 sec Welcome & light Temple Keeping. JINJU in SF!! Everyone is Glowing!!
6:00 Any Questions? Elle & her daughter are coming to Bali!! Who’s interested in BALI?!? Rebekah - bring your girls!
9:35 WELCOME TO SPIRAL ONE. Lokahi Wheel Orientation - North; Vijnanamaya Kosha & Wisdom Body. Begin to get curious and expand beliefs of what is possible for YOU & FOR THE WORLD.

12:45 CIRCLE SHARE INVITATION - Kosha Check-in. pg 38.
15:00 CIRCLE SHARE - Intro to Vijnanamaya Kosha - on scale from 1 - 10 - how strong & healthy is this layer of your being? 2nd question - 1WORD that encapsulates your relationship with the concept of a MIRACLE.

18:15 DEVI - technical difficulty - please write in the chat box! Kosha 9 - “Always Ready” for a Miracle!
20:50 RACHEL - Kosha Score 7-10; “I’m a Living Miracle”
22:33 SHAYNA - Kosha Score 7; “Welcomed, always welcomed”
23:40 ARISA - Kosha Score 5 - 8; “Quantum Field of Synchronicity”
25:00 JINJU - historical & conceptual context for KOSHAS and why they are weaved into this program…
28:30 JINJU - AHA moment - how huge it is for so many of YOU to embrace this very foreign VIRTUAL WORLD!!!
31:40 GINGER - Kosha Score 3; “Abstract”
32:40 KERI - Kosha Score 8.5; “Synchronicity”
34:30 ELLE - Kosha Score 2 - 5 (rough day, fellow soldier died recently); “Wonder and Awe”
36:40 KAREN - Kosha Score 6; “Supernatural”
37:50 REBEKAH - Kosha Score 1-2; “Skeptical” hard to see it in the Emerg Dept and when I do I find myself not believing it, I’d like to be more open to it
40:00 STEPHANIE - lost you sister! please share in the FB group!

41:00 JINJU - GUIDED MEDITATION - The Journey of a Silica Atom by Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris (“Gaia’s Dance” A childrens book about evolution… the Earth & US… for adults)
54:40 Jinju’s Story of getting connected with Elisabet, her first and perhaps most significant mentor

1:01:00 Bruce Lipton & Introduction of Biology of Belief

1:03:00 SPIRAL Lecture Concepts…. Ontology… the Study of Being… Epistemology… Cosmology… Most of us have been TRAINED with modern world educational models based in “modern science”. However, it’s important to be aware that these schools of thought (especially regarding medicine & healing) are rooted in the COSMOLOGY that Life and the Universe is like a MACHINE - from how the planets orbit, to how our organ systems function… this began the GREAT TRAGIC SPLIT - OF SCIENCE & SPIRITUALITY. It’s also important to be aware that this split was supported in a society laden with PATRIARCHY… driven by solar energies and tendencies to “only believe what can be seen”. The mysteries of the darker, lunar, ways of being no longer “FIT” in the new paradigm of “modern science”… or religion for that matter.

1:13:00 What we think we know, especially about the brain… at least 90% of the data that we draw our knowledge from comes from MALE SPECIMENS. When we bring female specimens into the laboratory, it throws EVERYTHING off!! IT becomes too complicated to study… the “straight line” correlations are lost. It’s a time for all of us, especially scientists, to exercise more SPIRAL ways of thinking… and even more important, FEELING. It’s time to understand how subjectivity can be, and must be, integrated into the scientific model. Indeed, it’s a time that the “pursuit” for knowledge and understanding of the human condition be a SHARED MISSION - with not just scientists, but also the shamans, the psychologists, the healers, the physicians, the sages, the philosophers, the buddhist monks, the indigenous ones - the MEN, the WOMEN… the ELDERS…. AND THE CHILDREN - WE ALL CARRY A PIECE OF THE HUMAN STORY… and no piece is more valuable than another. The future is ready to be weaved by those who can see the beauty and value of EVERY PIECE, EVERY THREAD… and it IS happening, the weaving is happening… and we are a part of that critical dance as we do this work inside this journey.

1:20:00 SCIENCE TIME! DANCING MAKES YOU SMARTER!! Longitudinal study of 421 senior citizens (pg 42 in your guide)

1:26:30 JUGGLING STUDY - WOMEN diagnosed with clinical anxiety & depression - 6 month study - 3 months introduction of just 5 min a day!!!! And it didn’t matter how “good” they got at juggling - skill was NOT a predictor of healing effect!!


bonus video: 5/30/19 Small group circle

Bonus Video description: This was the Thursday Small Group's very first call. There were so many inspiring gems worthy of coming back to not just for the sisters of this group but for the bigger group as a whole.

  • Week 6 (June 4) Group Process (NO GATHERING - CLASS POSTPONED)


  • Week 7 (June 11) VISION SHARING CALL – 2 Hrs (Attendance required by all attendees & guides). EPIC CALL! Great work ladies!!

Timestamps coming soon! (If you’re watching this for a 2nd time, then please let me know if you wouldn’t mind helping out with timestamps.)


Week 8 (June 18) - The purpose of this call was to continue vision-sharing and begin sharing 3 seeds from Spiral 1 Alchemy sheets. No one was quite ready to share seeds and remaining visions were not ready to be shared either, so we "flowed" into checking in & reflecting about individual flow practices.

Timestamps coming soon, if necessary! (If you’re watching this for a 2nd time, then please let me know if you wouldn’t mind helping out with timestamps.)

  • WEDDING (Jun 22) Tracy & her Beloved, Ronnie!  


week 10 - July 2 recording

Week 10 (Jul 2)  Vision-Sharing continued and COMPLETED in this powerful new moon & solar eclipse portal! Started sharing 3 seeds and WHY those seeds are so important. Kuan Yin Message - The Tao came in strong.

Timestamps coming soon! (If you’re watching this for a 2nd time, then please let me know if you wouldn’t mind helping out with timestamps.)

Keri, Karen & Arisa unveiled their 5 yr visions. Ginger read her revised vision. Several sisters shared their seeds (Alchemy Sheet 3).

week 11 July 9 - recording

Week 11 (Jul 9) Group Process – LIVE IN-PERSON/HYBRID gathering & broadcast from The Sacred Sanctuary of Boulder, CO!!

Timestamps coming soon! (If you’re watching this for a 2nd time, then please let me know if you wouldn’t mind helping out with timestamps.)