Beauty that Transforms

A 9-Week, Somatic Soul Coaching Program & Inner Goddess Journey to

Harness the Power of Sacred Sisterhood and Your Divine FEMININE Wisdom

November 8, 2018 - January 3, 2019
Virtually on Thursdays at 6 p.m., MST


Facilitated by: Dr. Jinju Dasalla

Why we are all here and together now . . . .

As women, and as human beings, we are all currently steeped and immersed in a world and culture where massive distraction, inequality, disruption, and accelerated change has produced an unfortunate and all too common state of overwhelm and uncertainty for us all . . . . 

People everywhere, especially women, are waking up to the fact that the vast majority of models of healing, coaching & yoga are steeped in the masculine energy - mostly created, conducted, and tested by, on, and for MEN. 

(While the traits or energy traditionally viewed as masculine in Western society - strength, courage, independence, violence, and assertiveness -  is most prevalent in men, for sure, many women also exhibit them. Conversely, female traits - gentleness, empathy, sensitivity, feelings, intuition - while mostly in women, is also exhibited by some men. ) 

Most women, or anyone who aligns more with the feminine energy, sense that something's missing or out-of-balance, and that most philosophies, teachings, practices, beliefs, creations, decisions . . . . of the modern world are heavily rooted in the masculine

While there have been benefits from this masculinity, many feel the costs and to society, the planet, to name a few - especially women and children! - have far outweighed it.

Have you ever felt that way? 

If so, then . . . . 

. . . . we know exactly where you're coming from.

NaiAsa Institute and its programs have been birthed in response to the dire need for new paradigms of education and training based in HARMONY of Feminine and Masculine, Yin and Yang, and universal principles towards the healing and transformation of women. 

Since you're still reading, then we want to say . . . . welcome back, sister. 

You've found a home. 


We're inviting you to experience the only transformational learning program of its kind in the comfort of your own home gathering together with other women around the world! On this unique journey, you will be introduced to a highly integrative coaching model & process proven to facilitate healing, transformation, and manifestation on many levels.

This program combines the measurable & powerful benefits of Somatic Movement, Yoga, Dance, & Coaching, (life purpose, passion, health, money, relationship, and spiritual) all to achieve your own evolving balance, fulfillment, & most importantly, AWAKENING to your purest, truest, & most original Sacred Feminine essence.

* This 9-week journey is a great start if you’re interested in the NaiAsa Institute’s coaching/facilitator program.

Being part of this group of women gives me a feeling of spiritual belonging and high vibration and is helping me to see myself in a much more loving, truthful and celebratory way. Jinju is a wealth of inspiration, knowledge, and love and creates an environment that is nothing short of magic.

- Heidi M., Canada, Soultrepreneur of Grandmother’s Kitchen, current Women’s Inner Fire Journey participant

During this very special gathering of extraordinary women, expect to discover and re-discover:

  • How to RAPIDLY SHIFT from contracted states (such as anxiety or depression) into expanded states of lightness & JOY

  • Feeling AMAZING in your body through YOGA, FLOW & DANCE

  • The path to re-igniting your feminine creative INNER FIRE & FLOW

  • Creative ways to weave your PASSIONS with your PURPOSE to ALCHEMIZE your authentic and harmonious EXPRESSION

  • Your intuitive power through integrating the innate WISDOM of your Sacred Womb, Heart & Body

The holiday season is the time of year when women need self-care the MOST, but practice it the LEAST.

Unlike other coaching programs that often utilize more masculine measures of accountability, in this program you will experience the refreshing & nurturing feminine soul of coaching.

Our promise is that you’ll discover your own unique & new realm of grace & beauty that transforms you and the world around you.

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  • Sacred Joy of your INNER CHILD through SOULFUL & PLAYFUL MOVEMENT with POI, the HULA HOOP, or any other dance partner you are inspired by.

  • Simple yet powerful techniques RE-PATTERN YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM toward possibility & empowerment

  • Secrets to releasing old patterns, habits, beliefs, and trauma to BIRTH YOUR INNER BLISS


  • KNOWLEDGE from modern NEUROSCIENCE & ancient DIVINE FEMININE teachings needed to HEAL & TRANSFORM our WORLD


Join our 9-week Global Goddess Gathering & Coaching Journey. Reserve your spot below as only 20 women will be selected to participate.

There's never been a better and more powerful time to awaken the Sacred Fire within while igniting your best life & living! 

I feel so empowered in my own personal journey to be learning, growing, and connecting with such beautiful goddesses each week. It truly is a nourishing container to plant our seeds of intentions, water them together, and watch them grow and manifest!

- Tonya W., Colorado, RN, Relationship Coach, current Women’s Inner Fire Journey participant


  • Soul Survey & Visioning Exercises

  • 6 LIVE video conference sessions guided personally by Dr. Jinju

  • 2 small group sessions

  • Recordings of all calls available for download within 48 hrs of the call

  • Beauty that Transforms printable journey guide with alchemy worksheets

  • Guided NaiAsana™ movement and meditation (NaiAsana™ combines yoga, flow arts, dance to awaken & nurture the sacred feminine fire within)

  • Free Access to Aloha Flow Instructional Videos

  • Sisterhood Community Support – Private FB – “Inner Fire Sister Circle”



In this, our sacred journey together, we will be calling on the Elements, Koshas*, and the Divine Feminine, as our guides.

My commitment is to honor your own, innate wisdom within and to support you in strengthening & building trust in your relationship with your inner voice & guidance. You have everything you need to succeed, heal, and thrive on a path toward wholeness of mind, body, emotions and spirit. This community will be here to remind you of what you already know and will offer you useful, valuable structures, tools, ideas, resources, and insights. We’ll partner in achieving your highest outcomes and goals that are beautifully aligned with what matters most in your life.

This program is your portal to restoring harmony in the world by first restoring harmony within yourself.  You will learn & embody an alchemical process based on 5 principles associated with the 5 Elements, Koshas, and with gentle and profound, somatic integration. 



Each gathering will be 90 minutes. Basic format will be as follows:

20 - 30 min Opening with Guided Meditation and NaiAsana Flow
20 - 30 min Mini-Lecture by Dr. Jinju
30 - 45 min Group Process


WEEK 2: Nov. 15. AIR ELEMENT & VIJNANAMAYA KOSHA. Exploring Purpose and Awakening Wisdom.

WEEK 3: Nov. 22. NO SESSION - Thanksgiving Holiday

WEEK 4: Nov. 29. EARTH ELEMENT & ANNAMAYA KOSHA. Embodying New Possibilities and Embracing The Goddess Brain™

WEEK 5: Dec. 6. WATER ELEMENT & PRANAMAYA KOSHA. Nurturing the Sacred Feminine Essence

WEEK 6: Dec. 13. INTEGRATION WEEK (small group “sister meetings”)

WEEK 7: Dec. 20. FIRE ELEMENT & MANOMAYA KOSHA. Shine your light and dance your new story.

WEEK 8: Dec. 27. INTEGRATION WEEK (small group “sister support" meetings)

WEEK 9: Jan. 3. SPIRIT ELEMENT & ANANDAMAYA KOSHA. Birth your inner fire visions - CELEBRATION CLOSING & TRANSITION (details TBD).

1450078_10202398826871179_579916994_n REDUCED.jpg

The group will consist of women only and be limited in size to ensure intimacy & support
. You will be assigned to a sacred circle of 3 to 4 women, within the larger group, that will serve as a secure space & container for mutual support, sustainable growth & accountability.





Jinju Dasalla, PhD, RYT, is on a mission to share the medicine of “flow” and inspire the awakening, honoring, and celebration of the sacred feminine fire and wisdom within all beings. Dr. Dasalla is a co-founder of the NaiAsa Institute (formerly Soul Flow Alchemy), where she directs programs for individuals and organizations pioneering new paradigms of healing, education and transformational learning based in scientific, spiritual and somatic principles. These programs include women’s coaching journeys, retreats, somatic life coaching, and therapeutic flow arts.

One of Dasalla’s many passions include sharing NaiAsana™ yoga, her most recent creation, as a way for women to come home - home to the heart, the body, and the soul. NaiAsana is a Hawaiian-inspired somatic & shamanic healing practice weaving yoga, dance, and flow arts, to awaken the essence of the Sacred Feminine. Both on and off the mat, this vinyasa of spiral, rhythmic and cross-body movement patterns, often incorporating props such as poi or the hula hoop, powerfully restores and re-patterns the nervous system.

Dr. Dasalla is also a former Neuroscience Research Fellow of the National Institute for Health (NIH), a published author in the April 2018 Brain Research Bulletin, faculty member of Hawai’i Yoga Institute, and was featured in, after her successful debut at Wanderlust 2016. She is also the author of upcoming book, Beauty that Transforms, based on the successful transformational coaching program birthed in Hawai’i.

She currently lives in Bali with her beloved Nova and their 3 ½ year old son, Sekai.




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I feel challenged to reach beyond and eliminate the limitations I have for myself. I feel inspired by the collaboration and support of such a powerful circle. We all have something to share with the world, and this program is powerful, thought provoking, self exploring, heart opening and life changing.

- Jenn K., Texas, Geologist, current Women’s Inner Fire Journey participant


FLOW IT FORWARD WITH SOUL FLOW SEVA (the art of selfless service in Sanskrit):

10% of proceeds from your investment will go towards IDEP to help those devastated in the recent Indonesian earthquakes. While disaster management is what’s taking up there time right now, they do so much more.


Still curious?
Hear what others have received & gained from our program:




... helping me REMEMBER how to PLAY and DANCE again!"
... helping me reclaim a long lost JOY."
... helping me feel SEXY, peaceful, ethereal and FUN!"
... sharing the incredibly positive physiological and psychological aspects of moving in flow."
... your powerful contribution of bringing more CREDIBILITY to this dance."
... helping me feel more EMPOWERED than ever to do the work I am meant to do on this planet."
... showing me that it’s ok to share your VULNERABILITY and BELIEVE in my dreams."
... a SACRED JOURNEY that allowed me to TRANSFORM and see new possibilities in ways I would never have dreamed."
... for your guidance and wisdom that has helped me do so much SELF-GROWTHHEALING, and TRANSFORMATION."
... helping me to WAKE UP to my TRUE PATH by creating a space where I could experience the beginnings of 'FLOW' ”
... seeing the DIVINE in everyone, and especially in me…before your workshop, I wasn’t so sure I even existed."
... bringing great MAGIC into my life."
... teaching us GRACE… drawn from our own inner sanctuaries."
... reminding me to DANCE and helping me come back to MY BODY."
... helping me learn to TRUST and BELIEVE in myself."
... helping me realize I could WEAVE the different aspects of myself into one unified expression!"
... bringing in the SCIENCE and the left BRAIN concepts without having things get too heady for the message, and for sharing your STORY"
... moving me to TEARS and OPENING something up deep inside me."
... creating a CONTAINER for our HEARTS to open."


This program is devoted to the wisdom that already flows within YOU!


Finally, we are all guided by some greater force - a force that lives as an inner flame in each and every one of us, seeking nothing more than to shine its light, and share its own unique dance. We are all here to be danced by our inner flame & sacred fire.

Take your first step in making the most important investment you can make in your life, in yourself, and in turn, in the world. It is absolutely my greatest honor, privilege and pleasure to partner with you in unleashing your greatest potential, your beauty & brilliance, & bringing your much needed light and gifts to the world.

We look forward to co+creating a most extraordinary, beautiful, sacred & alchemical journey with you!

Aloha & Namaste,

Dr. Jinju


It's time . . . . here . . . . now . . . . to awaken your inner feminine fire. Join us.