Here are the reflections of a few attendees of our 2015 Beauty that Transforms retreat and the impact it had on their lives: 

A more detailed reflection of retreat participant and breast cancer survivor, Lesley Jacobs, who shares a powerful healing experience of trauma release during a poi dance session during the Beauty that Transforms program in Hawai'i. Amazing how healing can be so simple!


Before arriving to Kalani I had a hard time expressing my emotions. Bella Retreats allowed me to come together with complete strangers, many who had personal problems as well. Over the weeks spent in Hawaii, I learned to open up and accept myself and my feelings after. The strangers quickly became friends who I would hold close to my heart. Thanks to Jinju, Nova, Tracy, Una, Celeste for providing this environment! Aloha my friends.

~ Hannah Applebee - 2017 Beauty that Transforms retreat attendee


This organization has changed my life! I've made personal connections that I will never lose. I've change things in my life for the better as a direct result of my participation. I will tell everyone how amazing this experience has been!

~ Mary O. - multiple Beauty that Transforms retreat attendee


Amazing people, amazing friends! Change my life in more ways than one! Mahalo!

~ Shaley - multiple Beauty that Transforms retreat attendee


The Beauty that Transforms retreat was more wonderful than I could have imagined - I met inspirational women, felt an urge to dance and sing all week long, and connected with nature in a beautiful, relaxing setting. I would recommend it to everyone looking to explore.

~ Tracie - 2017 Beauty that Transforms retreat attendee


My experience was pure inspiration. Every single person have a transformation. I would recommend this Retreat anybody feeling they have lost spirit because you will find it here.

~ Landa - 2017 Beauty that Transforms retreat attendee


Every aspect of this experience brought to life for me a different dimension of what it means to live in flow! I feel inspired and empowered!

Stefanie - 2017 Beauty that Transforms retreat attendee


This retreat is an encouragement to play, explore, dispel fear and fly with flow and hearts forward.

~ Joanne - 2017 Beauty that Transforms retreat attendee


This retreat was completely transformative for me I am so glad I decided to take care of myself and book it even though I was literally shaking with fear. Una was very responsive and comforting. I love this transforms retreat!

This retreat helped me find the beauty already in my life and my environment. It has helped me to refrain myself down to self-worth and be comfortable with being strong and powerful.

The Alchemy of the mix of women facilitated by Jinu, Una, Tracy, and Celeste was nothing less than transformational not only as a group but as Individuals.

~ Mariana - 2017 Beauty that Transforms retreat attendee


I just wanted to give you and Nova a special thanks for being sensitive enough to hear and meet my needs at the retreat. It was refreshing to feel validated by two respectable adults who don't know me at all, and I feel more empowered and inspired than ever . . . . I can't thank you enough for doing your work, I hope to see you again one day!

~ Lauren Gaby - 2017 Beauty that Transforms retreat attendee 


It's been the highlight so far at Wanderlust 2017 - Jinju Dasalla's class! What an amazing human being, feeling so fortunate. Thank you!

~ JaMuna - attendee at one of Jinju's classes


You and Nova have been a huge source of inspiration to me.  There have been times when I lacked motivation to keep moving forward and wanted to give up, I would think of your beautiful stories, the miracles and magic . . . . and I could find the strength to overcome whatever obstacles were placed in my way to reach for my life purpose.

~ KrystaLyze Glass


I am so grateful to the art and flow of poi which has brought me closer to two gentle souls and reconnected me to the dancer that lives in all of us. Dancing with fire has returned a vibrance and softness that had gone missing in my energetic frequency. What a gift and miracle to move our powerful, beautiful bodies.

Thank you, flow brothers and sisters, for reading this post and receiving the expression of this experience, which brings tears to my eyes to write. May we all, and always, reach out to others and rediscover ourselves through the life force found in flow.

~ Darcy Pierce - 2015 Beauty that Transforms retreat attendee


I had totally ignored my poi for the last few months but I've been picking them up again lately. There are so many benefits to this practice. As a dancer/choreographer, I'm pretty in tune with my body. But my poi practice made me realize the extent of the imbalance between my right and left sides, and it's making me a better dancer by building up my strength and coordination.I've also developed a new appreciation for my body and what it's capable of-- I'm learning to trust it, without overthinking, and I'm in awe at how quickly the seemingly impossible moves become possible!

Grateful to Jinju Dasalla for introducing me to this beautiful, meditative art form, and for being an inspiration to me.

~ Julia Sokol - 2015 Beauty that Transforms retreat attendee


This week I complete the Beauty That Tranforms (tele)course with Dr Jinju Dasalla with Soul Flow Arts.

This six-week course was all things body, mind and spirit; Tapping into ancient knowledge (so cool to learn about the Koshas), intuitive wisdom through journaling, assignments and guided meditations as well as modern science and medical research (epigenetics, heartmath, etc!) I am learning some incredible information to transform myself and share with others.

Though we wrap up our virtual six weeks together, I have assignments and articles and videos to consume for many weeks to follow. This transformational journey will go on (until I am pure light!) I'm grateful for the bountiful knowledge presented, the beautiful flow instruction videos and mostly Jinjus absolute presence and passion for sharing and inspiring a journey within.

Beauty That Transforms; you embody this Jinju Dasalla and I could never thank you enough for all the inspiration. So much love to you and Nova!

~ Christina Duncan - 2015 Beauty That Transforms telecourse attendee


Are you trying to struggle your way through a major life transition on your own? Please, do the most loving thing for yourself and check out Jinju! She is the embodied intersection of intellectual, physical, and emotional intelligences . . . .

~ Jacqui Becker 


One word . . . . Nurtured.  I felt so nurtured by Jinju, Nova, and the group to express my true self, to move, to grow, and to play.  I especially liked how Jinju touched on multiple dimensions of life throughout the workshop (flow, yoga, neurophysiology, journaling, circling) and how she shared her personal experiences with the group.  I feel more connected to my mind, my body, my soul, and my playful/feminine side from this workshop and highly recommend it for others on their journey of self discovery and actualization.

~ Tom Bassett - 2015 Beauty that Transforms retreat attendee


I've realized that I've never let myself be nurtured, and that I have huge resistance to asking for help and fully receiving support. The disconnection from my body is a manifestation of a deeper disconnection with the healing, nurturing energy of the mother and of the feminine, not just physical but everywhere it shows up.

The workshop was my first step in a new exploration of my body, of movement, of how feminine energy and flow shows up in and around me, and how and where I can open up to receive some nurturing support.

I want to MOVE, to DANCE, to FLOW and to spin, hoop, jump, crouch, dive as I activate and stimulate my body in a completely new way. This is one of the most vulnerable, scary, shaky territories I've ever explored, and it's incredibly exhilarating!

~ Ryel Kestano - co-founder of Pink Mammoth, 2014 Beauty that Transforms 2-day workshop attendee 


Dr. Jinju Dasalla embodies the grace to honor all life as divine blessing.  Her deep rooted compassion and heart felt acceptance of others creates safety and playfulness into the art of living that she masterfully cultivates.  Flowing with her through one-on-one sessions, classes and workshops brings joy and stability to all who encounter her.  It’s my honor to train, work and flow alongside such a vibrantly grounded being as Jinju.

Adria Perkins, Founder, of Hawaii Yoga Institute


I am bowing at your feet my sweet sweet sister. I remember when I first met you at my very first ‪Hoopcamp Retreats 2013. We rode next to each other in the van from the airport . . . .  I remember sharing with you how excited I was to meet this women, who teaches the flow arts, she has her PhD in Neuroscience, and she is going to be offering and facilitating a circle discussion, I cannot wait to meet her and her name is Dr. ‪Jinju Dasalla . . . . and your eyes opened wide, I felt your heart full of joy and you smiled and said, "That's me!" I couldn't believe it! Sweet sister, YOU have inspired me from the moment I learned about you, your gifts, your offerings, your passions, your path. And YOU have served as an inspirational female leader in my life, teaching me to truly live my truth and to resource from my life's journey. You have to know that you were one of the women in 2013 that I met who inspired me to write my Masters Thesis  . . . . You inspired me to write about what I love and what I am most passionate about. I am so grateful for you Jinju. So deeply grateful. And filled with so much joy that you are nurturing your art and your love and living your dream. Thank you sweet sister.

~ Caroline Sanchez 



Flow Arts as a Teacher, Healer & Sacred Sanctuary: One Woman’s Story

“When the student is ready, the teacher arrives” couldn’t be more true for me. I just recently took Jinju’s beginning poi workshop, and something in me lit up. I have seen fire dancers my whole life and have always admired their beauty. The idea of dancing with what scares me feels like a wonderful metaphor for self-empowerment, but I had no idea just how immediate and palpable it can be.

Photo by  Yann Ropers

Photo by Yann Ropers

I have been practicing some form of mind body connection for much of my adult life. The idea of flow is not new to me, I am a sculptor and painter, mother and yogi, so flow is important. Very recently, my family and I endured a great loss. My life partner left the planet, leaving a tremendous feeling of uncertainty and emptiness in his place. Just breathing and tending to my children was about all I could manage for about the first six months. Sometime in the end of the seventh month poi entered my life.

It might seem silly that spinning some balls, or in my very beginner phase, rice filled balloons, could make such a difference, but my goodness, it does. There is this wonderful space I am beginning to connect to while spinning…it’s trust. Trusting the moment, trusting my body, trusting the momentum, and in this trusting, something beautiful happens. It feels like opening. Doubt and sorrow slip away, and I emerge into this timeless space where knowing-ness and execution of action merge as one. No separation.

Practicing this has become my favorite teacher. When I can’t get out of my head, I seem to bonk myself in the head, when I get frustrated with myself, I have no choice but to get very soft and gentle (or more bonks on the head.) It’s fun, you can do it most anywhere, and it is an immediate reflection into your internal scape. Spinning poi has been a wonderful healing modality. Both my children have embraced it, and it has been instrumental in bringing us closer together.

This expression of flow is so wonderful, and I don’t think I could have accessed it’s medicine as readily without Jinju’s patient, compassionate, and thoughtful teaching style. From the beginning, she regarded this practice with great reverence, and invited us to do the same. She encouraged us to feel deeply and connect to what we most desire, then gave us opportunity to dance this into the room. She is a healer, an alchemist, and a shining example of courageous embodiment. It has been such a joy working with both her and Nova.

If you are on the fence about this practice…..JUMP!!! Take the workshop (Flow Arts… Beauty that Transforms), it’s amazing!

~ Anara Lani, Sculptor, Artist, Healer, Dancer and Mother (Denver, CO)


Photo by  Yann Ropers

Photo by Yann Ropers

Jinju’s poi workshop was so inspiring and beautiful. She has this unique and incredible spirit about her that makes you love being around her. Her class made me feel peaceful, ethereal, sexy and fun! Her insightful wisdom and positive attitude will keep you wanting more. I am so excited to go to her next class!

Tia Raquel




Photo by  Yann Ropers

Photo by Yann Ropers

I knew that participating in Jinju Dasalla’s workshop, Soul Flow Poi & Beauty that Transforms, was going to be a special day, well spent with a soulful group of people. What I did not know is how deeply I would connect with elements that she shared and how much raw beauty Jinju evoked from all of us who attended the workshop. Jinju put us all at ease by sharing her personal story of transformation and shift through flow and poi in particular and she set the stage for us all to bring to consciousness our own stories of change past, present and future. Without getting too heady, she revealed the incredibly positive physiological and psychological aspects of moving in flow. We then spent time with the poi, our new dance partners. We were able to embody and feel, first hand, the power of the dancing within the flow arts. We all were able to clearly see and feel that this type of movement mediation would be helpful to us on our personal journey of shift and change. This workshop was indeed a incredible day of sharing with other beautiful, conscious souls in a way that allowed each of us to open ourselves up to limitless possibilities and to great hope. I eagerly look forward to learning more from Jinju and participating in more workshops to further explore the power of the neuro- therapeutic nature of poi and the flow arts.

~ Kristina Sutcliffe, Performer, Instructor, Owner of ODance 


When I dance with Poi I feel like I understand what the Spanish poet, Federico Garcia Lorca, meant by "the Duende" which is something that cannot be put into words.  With Poi, I feel like I am expressing the proud dance form of Flamenco that I love but have never taken the time to study. 

Sometimes I feel a little uncomfortable and self conscious about my age when I am around all the young and beautiful dancers, but, when the dancing begins, all of that disappears.  Dance, for me, is the great equalizer, and Poi, like Flamenco, is strong!  It is confident and mature and graceful like me!

Linda Sisneros, Denver, CO


I didn't know what to expect by taking on a life coach, but Dr Jinju arrived in my life at exactly the moment I needed her. Luckily, my mind was open enough to let her in it because a little piece of her will forever reside there, cheering me on. I can't express how deep and genuine our connection is. She helped guide me through a really positive period of growth and also a rocky period of reflection and helped me redesign my interior world to better suit my life's purpose by inviting me to face my subconscious drives. I've been waking up happier and I'm well on my way towards living my life's purpose out loud. Thank you Jinju, from the bottom of my soul!

Brandon Smith, Honolulu, HI


Thank you so so much… It was so empowering to do something that I was so so scared to do. Now I feel like I can do anything!! I couldn’t have done my first fire dance with anyone else. I love you.

~ Jessica White, Honolulu, HI


The interest to experiment with poi had been building within in me for a little over a year.  For me, it is perfectly clear as to why the urge was not pushing me to begin just yet.  Soul was waiting for the perfect moment and that moment came at Jinju's Soul Flow Arts Poi and hoop workshop on Oahu.  Being very knew to the Island I was earnest to branch out and create connections with like minded light beings.  I participated in a hoop and poi workshop with Jinju and was inspired to go deep with the art of poi.  At last, I met with my first pair of poi.  Jinju's Flow Arts Series brought great magic into my life, magic that cannot be denied.  Dancing with the poi became an extension of my prayer field.  In my life the poi act as paintbrushes, as they allow me to paint my prayers.  The soul flow arts has provided the opportunity to connect with beautiful beings of light and I feel truly blessed and enlightened.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

Sat Nam

Much Mahalo Jinju

~ Bianca


Speaking about learning in lightness and with the body. Jinju Dasalla is an exceptional teacher with a lot of compassion, patience and heart. We are lucky to have her and the gift she brings of flowing art in our community

~ Johanna, Denver, CO


You created such a beautiful container yesterday for the Awaken Your Inner Fire workshop! 14 women (Art and Temperance) were transformed by touching their own authentic expression through the use of breath and movement, poi and hoop. Thank you for YOUR beauty that transforms. I Love You Sister!

Elizabeth, Boulder, CO


Wow Jinju, this is beyond amazing.  You've pulled this all together so beautifully.  Thank you for seeing the Divine in everyone and especially in me.  Before the first poi workshop with you at Studio Soma, I wasn't so sure I even existed.  In a passing  exchange with you, during that workshop, I saw some recognition in your eyes.  I had to look twice but finally followed your gaze to find a sliver of light still shining in me.  These poi sessions with you have helped me to fan that flame and Tuesday night under the full moon that fire will shine ever so bright.

Thank you and Namaste, 

~ Lovely Linda


I moved to Colorado with the idea of entering medical school in order to pursue medical research. I had a sharp brain and a bodyworker's hands and I wanted to know, where was the point that spirit actually coalesced into matter? What part of the cell, of our fluids brought the intangible into physical reality? Two weeks into school and I knew trading in the next decade of my life for sitting in class was not the path for me. Life was too rich to spend it in such a way. I needed more than words, more than rote information. I withdrew from school and the question fell to the back burner of my mind.

Six months later, I found myself at the close of a flow arts workshop with Jinju. After hours of practice, I had finally felt the beginnings of "the flow" in her workshop. I could feel something else begin to take over me as I twirled the poi and circled with my hoop. I wasn't thinking about it, I was just dancing with that feeling flowing from deep in my core. It was after that I suddenly realized, here it is, here's my answer! Calling forth and expressing this flow from within IS spirit made into matter, the invisible seamlessly weaved into our physical world as we dance with that inspiration and movement welling up from inside. The universe was answering me on my own terms, not through knowledge and information but through experience...visceral, bodily, moving experience...experience that bypasses the thinking mind and brain and surfaces in the heart. This is where all true learning and change happens. Where spirit not only becomes matter, but transforms it. I was living out and becoming the answer to my own question.

Ashlyn, Denver, CO


I just have to take this moment to express my gratitude for Jinju Dasalla. Not only is she one of the most lovely beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, she is also a beautiful poi dancer. She’s been my life coach since October last year and I can’t express enough how much her guidance and wise counsel have transformed me and how I process challenges. She is so gifted and I find myself greatly looking forward to each of our sessions. She’s pushed me in areas I had so fearful of and I’m amazed by the amount of self-work and healing I’ve accomplished with her assistance. I love you Jinju.

Caterina Suttin, Austin, TX


Jinju's love of the flow arts, her welcoming spirit, and her deep insight into their healing abilities have inspired me to learn and become more involved with this art form. Even with my beginner skills, I feel drawn to developing and practicing them daily. More than yoga and other types of dance, flowing is already becoming a grounding, soulful, confidence building ritual for me. I want to rediscover myself -- as the gentle, joyful and even powerful woman I was meant to be.

Mary de Simone, Denver, CO


The Beauty that Transforms workshop was exactly what I needed. I went into the workshop without any expectation and was completely blow away. I wasn't prepared to be so emotionally moved by the experience and that is exactly what happened. I've been on an intense journey of self-discovery in recent months and this workshop was such a fun way to learn more about myself and and the link between my brain and body. Jinju is a powerful role model and I know that this workshop will have a lasting effect on me and my journey.

Mary Ellen Flesher