The NaiAsa Institute Coach Training Program



The purpose of this program is to provide training and certification for women eager to lead the new paradigms of healing, relating, and living that the future is calling for. This inaugural training is specifically for women who are seeking not only to develop their facilitation skills, but importantly, a tribe to move mountains with… and birth the bigger vision of NaiAsa with to serve as many communities as we possibly can. See the bigger vision and purpose here.

If you’re not willing to learn how to lead some dance, shimmy and play, at the end of a “neuroscience of transformation” presentation,
then this program is probably not for you.

“Sister Circle”   Artist: Karen MacKenzie

“Sister Circle”

Artist: Karen MacKenzie


At NaiAsa Institute, we recognize and operate from the following:

  • Virtually all of the “problems” that show up in a person’s life (physical, emotional, mental, social, professional, romantic, financial) result from the same core imbalance and core beliefs.

  • When harmony is restored at the root, healing will happen naturally in the periphery.

  • The most common “root” imbalance in the modern world is energetic with yang energies dominating yin energies, resulting in a disharmonious flow of Sacred Feminine & Masculine.

We believe that the balancing of these energies that people, coupled with clear vision, purpose & commitment inside of a loving community, thrive with joy, ease & flow.

To be a NaiAsa Institute-certified coach, you must be able to demonstrate knowledge, presentation skills, mastery of flow foundations, applications of learned theories, facilitation skills, and the ability to create accountability and trust.






The curriculum of each module will cover 5 essential elements:

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AIR (Science) - This element invites theoretical study and curious exploration to cultivate wisdom, inspiration, knowledge, intention, and clear vision. Candidates will devote scholarly study of and within the realms of neuroscience, cosmology, language & ancient philosophies (Koshas, Indigenous Medicine Wheel, etc.)

EARTH (Soma) -  The Earth element roots the formless into form, and honors physical experience through all sensory systems as a crucial way of “knowing” and “discerning.” Candidates will learn how to create safe and strong containers for healing and embodied transformation to occur for themselves and for their clients. Before completing certification through this program, candidates are required to immerse into the experiential aspects of NaiAsa Institute principles by attending the full Beauty that Transforms retreat or the virtual Sacred Feminine Fire program. The next retreat will be held in Bali on Mar. 1 - 11th, 2019. Details here. The next virtual women’s program begins in March of 2019 (registration details coming soon, click here to see details from the 2018 program).

WATER (Sacred FeminYinity) - According to many cultures, water is considered the most feminine/yin and the most powerful of all the elements. Water rules the realm of emotionality, sensuality, relationships, and the art of flow. Research has confirmed that relationship is more important for the healing journey than any techniques used by a therapist, psychologist, physician, counselor, and beyond. This is also the component that seems to get the least attention in most Western-based, health professional training programs. Because NaiAsa Coaches are also healers, candidates will cultivate those essential qualities of presence, playfulness, compassion, and beyond to cultivate nurturing relationships that naturally propel clients forward in a balanced, and organic, way.

FIRE (Soul Expression) -  Fire is the element that ignites action and transformation. NaiAsa Coaches will be skilled in and committed to having their clients take action that is, most importantly, aligned with purpose at the soul level. Candidates will have ample practice in mock coaching scenarios and will demonstrate their skills through various practicums throughout the training program. And yes, for those wondering, fire-dancing definitely plays a significant part in setting this program apart from any and all others.

SPIRIT (Seva) - Seva is the sanskrit word for “selfless service.” Seva is also an important key to sustainability in the new world. Conscious surrender and REST are the final vital parts of every learning cycle and necessary for integration and restoration. NaiAsa Institute has designed this training program (and all programs) to include both Seva and relaxed integration time as essential elements of not only the training, but also the bigger vision of NaiAsa.

Each phase, conference, or retreat mentioned below will have a mix of these elements contained within.




We are either going to have a future where women lead the way to make peace with the Earth or we are not going to have a human future at all.

ENRICH your personal or professional practice with new, cutting-edge, somatic life coaching skills. Expand your knowledge on the neuroscience of dance, yoga, and "flow", all while forming meaningful bonds with inspiring souls that will last a lifetime. The Beauty that Transforms retreat and program combines the measurable & powerful benefits of Somatic Coaching and Movement (Flow Arts, Yoga, & Dance) to help restore the nervous system, release old trauma, and reclaim precious, priceless, joyful BLISS.

Foundations is not a pre-requisite but a requirement for certification and can be fulfilled by one of the following:

1) attendance of a full (7-10 day) Beauty That Transforms retreat (next retreat in Bali, Mar. 1-11, 2019.)
2) participation in a 9-month, Women’s Group Coaching Journey (next journey beginning in March of 2019)
3) participation in a 9-month, 1-on-1 Private Coaching Journey

movement with purpose



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The future of the world depends on the full restoration of the sacred feminine in all its tenderness, passion, divine ferocity, and surrendered persistence.

What is a NeuroSomatic Life and Soul Coach?

To answer this question, let us begin with the root word, soma. According to ancient Vedic texts, Soma was originally a plant worshipped as a Vedic deity of the moon, flowing waters, ecstasy, and inspiration. Soma also means the living body of an organism in its wholeness. Somatic life coaches support clients in optimizing their lives by resourcing the innate intelligence of the body. In a world that has become dominated by mental processes, the rapidly growing field of somatics (which includes yoga and other movement meditations) is helping to bring people back into their bodies and restore a much needed balance between the mind and the body.  

NeuroSomatic Soul Coaches are somatic life coaches who focus not only on reclaiming the wisdom of the body, but also on creating new ways of being through new ways of moving that re-wire the brain and nervous system while simultaneously releasing limiting beliefs and trauma in a joyful way. Embodied play, word play, ritual, dance, flow arts, yoga, and breathwork, are a few of the transformational practices that set NaiAsa coaches apart from most classical life coaches. Above all, however, is the paradigm shift from the more linear, rigid, ways of facilitating transformation to being more balanced, circular, flowing, intuitive styles of coaching, that powerfully guide their clients home, not just to their bodies, but equally importantly, to living a life aligned with their hearts, their bliss, and clarity on what ignites their soul.

(What’s the difference between a Life Coach and a Therapist? Get the research here.) 

touching the soul




Every woman is an ageless Goddess, an expression of the Sacred Feminine physical form.

Studies have shown that just five minutes a day of “juggling” or “dance” movement will increase brain mass, synaptic connectivity, reduce anxiety, and help overcome depression. The “flow arts” is a rapidly emerging field proving to be one of the most powerful transformative and healing somatic practices. Please click here to learn more about the rising number of studies revealing therapeutic benefits, including neuro-protective effects, especially in the aging population.

For professionals in therapy, health science, corporate coaching, movement arts, fitness, and yoga, this program allows them to expand their practice to include flow movement specifically designed to unlock areas in the brain where traditional therapies don’t focus. Our NaiAsa Flow Practitioners are trained and skilled to work in any environment, from clinical to corporate. Combined with modalities that nurture the inner child, the Therapeutic Flow Arts track offers professionals a powerful addition to their current practice. 

benefits of the naiasa Institute coach training program

Graduates of this program will demonstrate:

  • Presenter Level of Understanding of NeuroSomatics

  • Thorough understanding of basic neurophysiology

  • Ability to facilitate Mind-Body Re-Programming/Re-patterning of Behavior and Beliefs

  • Mastery of basic NaiAsana™ vinyasas

  • Sacred Scholarship Research Paper with evidence-based research & presentation

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Certified Graduates are:

  • Ready to excel in not only the art and practice of coaching, but also a healthy start to generating income immediately (It’s fair to note that most coaching programs do not include this business component.)

  • Continually supported (Another unusual perk of this program are built-in post-graduation mentorship/coaching sessions)

  • Invited to facilitate or simply help hold space at future NaiAsa Institute trainings, programs, and retreats.

As a result of investing time, energy, and resources into this comprehensive program, women will not just be coaches . . . . they will be NaiAsa Institute Coaches which means they:

  • Are Healers, Spiritual Counselors, Priestesses, Educators, Soultrepreneurs, Leaders, and Stewards of Global Change

  • Are certified yoga teachers and lovers of dance and creative movement

  • Have mastered theoretical AND experiential concepts of neuroscience & flow psychology

  • Have the equivalent of a Masters Degree that rivals the best of any programs out there

  • Have transcended the illusion of separateness that pervades society today

  • Are focused more on how people FEEL as opposed to how much they KNOW

  • See how the unlocking of the Sacred Feminine within each is a path to heal the planet

  • Cultivate harmony between science and spirituality, technology and nature, and yin and yang principles

In additions, for yoga teachers who already have their 200RYT, you can satisfy your YA Continuing Education requirement using both contact and non-contact hours of this training as we are a registered Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider.


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