On Love . . . . 22 Ways 2 Love You Interviews Abroad featuring Elisabet Sahtouris

While the more recent focus of Jinju's work has been more somatic with dance, yoga, and the flow arts being an integral part of what she shares with clients, students and in videos, for many years, the topic of love and relationships was her biggest focus in work and in life. With a burning desire to know love and a knowing that love is the most important and powerful force of humanity, she started a documentary film and community art project exploring the dynamic nature of love and relationships in the modern world. The project is called 22 Ways 2 Love You and has been one of the greatest teachers in her life.

This is a video from Jinju's first journey abroad to interview people from other cultures and to interview one of the planet’s greatest heroines, and one of her dearest and wisest mentors, Elisabet Sahtouris, on the topic of love. There is more than a few gems in this video that we hope inspire others on their path in love and relationship, not only with another, but especially with one self.