A Transformational Yoga, Dance, And Flow Arts Retreat for Women

TEAM INSTRUCTORS & FACILITATORS: Dr. Jinju Dasalla, Nova Dasalla


March 1 - 11, 2019

Yayasan Bali Purnati, Ubud, Bal


ALCHEMIZE YOUR LIFE on this 10-day journey to awaken your inner fire, nurture your feminine soul essence, and birth your deepest inner bliss in one of the most exotic and sacred spots in the world. Immerse yourself in a unique program weaving:


We will dial into the most essential elements of the human healing experience with rich discussion bridging the scientific "how" with the human "why". Together, we will harmonize our minds, bodies, and souls with neurological re-patterning and restoring practices while forming meaningful bonds with inspiring women that will last a lifetime.



ALCHEMY. This journey will also incorporate simple yet powerful transformational methodologies to illuminate clarity around any personal or professional challenges you may be experiencing in your life. You will be supported in diving deep into your heart and honoring your truths so that you can heal and be empowered to live life in a way that is aligned with your dreams. You will birth a new realm of grace and beauty that transforms you and the world around you.

CULTURE. This retreat will offer opportunities to experience temples, traditional ceremonies and dance, local artisans and cultural events all while basking in the beauty of Indonesia. We will also participate in a Day of Silence and meditation in honor of this culture’s most holy day of the year. This will give participants an opportunity to integrate the elements of the retreat and enjoy the special location.

SOUL FLOW SEVA. Community service day is included so we can practice the art of Seva. Seva is the sanskrit word for selfless service. Whatever we decide to do, it will be aligned with “leaving a place better than we found it.”



In addition, you’ll earn 50 credit hours and a "Experiential" certificate of completion that can be applied to the Soul Flow Arts Institute (SFAI) Training and Certification Program.


  • Discover a new realm of JOY through playful yet soulful movement practices with poi* and the hula hoop.

  • Access the true nature of your feminine essence as you explore circular movement in the body and become intimate with the cosmic pattern of the Spiral, an ancient symbol for the goddess, womb, and fertility.

  • Drop in to a unique meditative state through guided movement blending flow arts, yoga, and dance.

  • Heal your mental, emotional, and physical, body as a result of re-patterning the nervous system and even releasing trauma through these transformative somatic practices.

  • Trust in the deeper knowing of your innate beauty, brilliance, and wisdom.

  • Be empowered and fully supported in awakening your inner fire and birthing your inner bliss while having a blast!

  • Share an expression of your choice on the last night of our journey (optional).

Here's a highlight video of our 2015 & 2017 retreats on the "Big Island" of Hawai'i (this video, and the following testimonial one, is bittersweet as it shows a lot of the Kalani Retreat Center and other areas in the Puna region of the big island of Hawai'i. These areas are now covered in lava or inaccessible due to the lava flow and volcanic fumes by the ongoing eruptions of Kilauea in the Eastern Rift Zone): 


This retreat has a limited number of spots, so be sure to register early! All participants must be at least 18 years of age and up and complete a brief questionnaire/application to ensure the group is a good match. While this program may be healing and therapeutic in nature, it should not be mistaken for therapy.

While all levels of flow practitioners are welcome, please note this is not an advanced technical flow retreat. We will cover basic to intermediate tricks & moves with a focus on integrating mindful movement, dance, and yoga. Please be open to have a beginner’s mind! You’re welcome to request privates to deepen your technique.


*Poi-dancing is an ancient movement and performance art with roots in the Polynesian culture. Modern poi-dancing involves swinging tethered weights, and sometimes fire, in various rhythmic, synchronized, geometric patterns.



  • Inner Fire Coaching Sessions with Jinju

  • Massage Sessions

  • Poi or Hoop Privates with Jinju

  • Private sessions with selected luminaries



This is your journey, your time, your retreat. Please feel free to bow out of any sessions to go soak in the pool or enjoy a massage. This schedule is subject to shift and flow based on the needs of the group.*

*Full participation in all classes and workshops (with the exception of evening activities) is required for those participants wishing to receive full credit toward certification.


Arrival Day

2 pm - Check in

Opening Circle



7 am Morning Movement Practise

8 am - Breakfast

9 am - Morning Circle

10 am - Free time and Lunch on own to explore

5 pm - Afternoon Movement Practise

7 pm  - Dinner


Departure Day

Closing circle


12 noon - Check out




  • Casual and comfortable tropical retreat attire, light zip-up hoodie, light rain jacket, slippahs (flip-flops), flow clothes, poi, hula hoops...


  • 10 nights' accommodations
  • 2 meals a day, lunches on your own to experience local cafes and cuisine
  • Transfer to/from Airport
  • Trip to Temple
  • Daily Circles
  • Daily Yoga
  • Daily Flow
  • Science of Flow Lectures
  • Trip to see Cultural Activities
  • Day of Silence (Balinese New Year called "Nyepi" is on 3/7)  
  • Poi you may use during the retreat (Poi will also be available for purchase. Hula hoops, however, will not be included. We have partnered with an organization offering us high quality travel hoops at a discounted price. ).


We've hand-picked Yayasan Bali Purnati because of the previously wonderful experience Dr. Jinju had as an attendee in 2011. It's also the venue of choice for the famous Bali Spirit Festival.  Please go here to learn more about this magical location located 15 - 20 minutes south of Ubud, the cultural center of Bali. 

All photos of Purnati by   “Rafael Abella Photography” and "Djajusman Erlangga"

All photos of Purnati by “Rafael Abella Photography” and "Djajusman Erlangga"


$3300 (based on double occupancy per person)

$1000 off (for 9 mo women) by 7/15 plus gift coaching session w Jinju
$800 off (for SFA list) by 7/22 plus gift coaching session w Jinju
$500 off (public) by 8/22 plus gift coaching session w Jinju
$300 off (public) by 11/22 plus gift coaching session w Jinju
$100 off (public) by 1/22 plus gift coaching session w Jinju





2017 BTT CONTENT . . . . . 


AWAKEN & CELEBRATE YOUR INNER FIRE on a 7- day sacred journey of self-expansion, empowerment, and exploration through yoga, dance, and the art of flow in the heart of Pele’s womb, where her beauty transforms and her pulse ignites within the most active volcano on Earth. 

This is the first transformational, flow arts program* of its kind and we are thrilled to offer it a 2nd time! Immerse yourself in a unique curriculum weaving the science and soul of yoga, dance, and the flow arts into a revolutionary path for somatic healing, transformation, and discovery. Harmonize your mind, body, and soul with revolutionary, neurological re-patterning and restoring practices that have transformed countless lives toward expanded new ways of moving, thinking, and being. Whether you’re new to poi or the hula-hoop or have practiced for years, this retreat is designed for you to experience these modalities as transformational tools and ideal for anyone interested in incorporating the flow arts into their personal or professional practice. Join Dr. Jinju Dasalla and Soul Flow Luminaries as they share the art and science that grounds the therapeutic benefits of these playful practices. 

In essence, this retreat is a spiritual and somatic wisdom course bridging the scientific “how” with the human “why”, a blend of theory and movement, dialing into the most essential elements of the human healing experience.

Whether you are ready to break free from limiting beliefs, seeking clarity, going through a major life transition, or feeling inspired to learn a new dance in sweet community, this intimate - yet playful! - journey is a portal to let your soul flow! Come celebrate the fire within as you discover new realms of creative expression and beauty that transforms.

In addition, you’ll earn credit hours and a certificate of completion that can be applied to the Soul Flow Arts Institute (SFAI) Training and Certification Program.

*The Soul Flow Arts Training and Certification Program is being offered through the Soul Flow Arts Institute (SFAI) and will launch in 2017. This Beauty that Transforms retreat serves as a Foundations course for the training. Thus, all participants will have the opportunity to receive a certificate of completion upon graduation of this 7-day intensive course with the option to continue in the training program.


  • To explore and grow inside of an evidence- and experience- based curriculum weaving the neuroscience of transformation, flow psychology, yoga, somatics, dance, and play!
  • Begin to master the fundamentals of dancing with poi and the hula hoop.
  • Release tensions, trauma, and old holding patterns in the body leaving you feeling lighter, stronger, and healthier through a this unique somatic movement practice.
  • Get a taste of the art and practice of ontological soul coaching for ourselves and others
  • Benefit from an expanded transformational and healing "toolbox" full of practices and exercises that will support you in cultivating balance, grace and flow.
  • Re-harmonize the masculine with the feminine, mind with body, right with left, science with soul, and knowledge with wisdom.
  • Enjoy a deeper knowing of your innate and vast beauty, brilliance, and wisdom.
  • Learn strategies to develop your intuition, self-trust, and clarity on your life path.
  • Engage action-based breakthroughs toward living a life filled with purpose, passion & possibility
  • Be fully supported in awakening your inner fire and living your biggest dreams while having a blast!
  • Tantra and the Art of Honoring the Sacred Feminine with Tracy Knowles
  • Transforming Fear into Fuel: A Special Presentation by Nova Dasalla
  • Pilgrimage to Pele Volcano Visit (conditions permitting)
  • FIRE Dance Ceremony and Celebration (Fire is optional and contingent upon weather)
  • EXPRESSION Night & Special Closing Circle


This retreat has a limited number of spots, so be sure to register early! All participants must be ages 18 and up and complete a questionnaire/application to ensure the group is a good match. While this program may be healing and therapeutic in nature, it should not be mistaken for therapy.

Photo: Jorge Alias Atramiz, Additional art: Mean Business 

Photo: Jorge Alias Atramiz, Additional art: Mean Business 

*This rapidly emerging field referred to as “the flow arts” is, at its deepest core, a form of yoga, a path of inquiry. As a transformative and healing somatic practice, a rising number of studies have revealed therapeutic benefits, powerfully restoring and retraining the nervous system. It’s not only an art to unify, bridge, and harmonize various aspects of oneself, but also to weave together many different disciplines into a singular-threaded, creative expression. These disciplines can include meditation, dance, yoga, simple play, and performance; in addition, it includes moving with an object such as poi, staff, or the hula-hoop. This movement art requires learning to move gracefully in relationship to oneself, others, and the natural cycles and rhythms universal to life.  

All levels are welcome, however, this is not an advanced technical flow retreat. We will cover basic to intermediate tricks & moves with a focus on integrating movement, dance, and yoga. Please be open to having a beginner’s mind! You’re welcome to request privates to deepen your technique. 



  • 7 nights’ accommodation at Kalani Retreat Center
  • 3 catered meals a day
  • Daily Guided Yoga or Dance Practice
  • Community Dance Flow Jams
  • 24 hr access to our very own, very large, open-air studio with hardwood floors available ONLY to us for the entire week. 24 hr access to clothing optional pool and jacuzzis (feel free to wear a bathing suit and if you do decide to be clothing free, please know it is a very safe and respectful environment with the sweetest community)
  • One Free Day for Excursions or Personal Time


  • Optional Private Personal Coaching Sessions (with Jinju)
  • Optional Private Healing Massage Sessions (with Tracy)
  • Optional Private Business and Confidence Coaching Sessions (with Nova) 
  • Optional Private Poi or Hoop sessions (with Jinju, Tracy and Lauren)
  • Lava Hike/Pilgrimage to Pele! (Conditions Permitting)
  • Dolphin Decompression Retreat to all participants of the Beauty that Transforms retreat! (see below) 


Please keep in mind that while our daily schedule is packed and FULL on, all classes, workshops and activities are OPTIONAL*. This is your journey, your time, your retreat. Please feel free to bow out of any sessions to go soak in the pool or enjoy a massage. This schedule is subject to shift and flow based on the needs of the group.

6:30 - 7:30 am YOGA
7:30 - 8:30 am BREAKFAST
9:00 - 10:30 pm Morning WORKSHOP (Daily Opening Circle, Lecture, Discussion, Intention, Journaling, etc.,...)
10:30 - 12:00 pm FLOW Module (Movement with Poi or Hoop)
12:00 - 1:00 pm LUNCH
1:00 - 4:00 pm Personal Time (great time for pool, privates, beach, etc.,...)
4:00 - 6:00 pm FLOW Module (Movement with Poi or Hoop)
6:00 - 7:30 pm DINNER
8:00 - 10:00 pm Evening Activities (special sessions, workshops, free flow and dance, or free time....)

*Full participation in all classes and workshops (with the exception of evening activities) is required for those participants wishing to receive full credit toward certification.

Here are the reflections of a few attendees of the 2015 retreat and the impact it had on their lives: 

A more detailed reflection of retreat participant and breast cancer survivor, Lesley Jacobs, who shares a powerful healing experience of trauma release during a poi dance session during the Beauty that Transforms program in Hawai'i. Amazing how healing can be so simple!




  • Bungalow Double = $2,250
  • Lodge Single Shared Bath = $2,250
  • Lodge Double Private Bath = $2,175
  • Lodge Double Shared Bath = $2,000
  • Lodge Triple Shared Bath = $1,950

Non-refundable deposit = $400 to hold your spot


  • Special Pricing = Pay in Full by 9/22/16 and received $300 off!!!
  • Early Bird Pricing  = Pay Deposit by 12/22/16 and receive $200 off    
  • Last Minute Special = Pay deposit by 1/22/17 and receive $100 off

Final payments due by March 1st, 2017.


about the facilitators 

Jinju dasalla 

Jinju embraces the power of dance, flow arts, and yoga as portals for somatic healing and personal transformation. As a professional life coach, performer, facilitator, and instructor with a doctorate in neuroscience, Jinju offers truly unique perspectives, pioneering new paradigms for personal growth and transformational learning that harmonize science, art, and soul.  

Jinju co-founded Soul Flow Arts Institute (SFAI) with her husband, Nova Dasalla, as a platform for training and educating health professionals, individuals, and organizations on the neurological and psycho-spiritual benefits of embodied play. As the visionary leader of transformational Soul Flow Retreats, trainings, and author of upcoming book, Beauty that Transforms, her vision is of a world that remembers how simple and sweet healing can be. She holds emotional attunement as the foundation of all flow practices and believes, to love is to flow. Her classes, workshops and coaching journeys consistently call forth elements of play, possibility, and purpose to ultimately awaken one's inner fire and innate wisdom.

Jinju received her Ph.D in Neuroscience from Penn State & 200RYT from the Hawaii Yoga Institute. 



Nova, co-founder of Soul Flow Arts, is USA's #1 ranked acrobatic paragliding pilot who is also known for being the first American to pull off a trick called the Infinite Tumble. He is probably even more known for his film, Infinite Stumbling, that tells the story of his life-altering accident in 2009 when one of his routine maneuvers went dramatically wrong, smashing him into a mountain.

Not only did he manage to learn how to walk again but he also was given the gift of embracing life, love, and gratitude on a profound level. This short film has been shown in multiple film festivals around the world and Nova has been featured in national magazines including Origin, Cross Country, the television series, Xterra Adventures, and the inspirational, adventure sports film, The Red Helmet. Nova still flies and is an extraordinary, living example of what it takes to face fears, engage flow, and always aspire beyond the norm.





An illustrious & gentle force, Tracy is a creator of magical & healing experiences. She is a massage artist, body worker, dancer, yogi, hula hooper, lover of movement arts, writer, emotion evoker and inspirer. She radiates and mirrors pure joy, light & love to all beings.

Tracy has recently stepped into the role of yogi facilitator with great enthusiasm! She believes that her role in sharing any healing is that those who need and will be most impacted through her as a healing conduit will appear in synchronicity.

She draws upon a wealth of information from both personal life and professional experience in the healing arts realm. She continues to serve in her private massage practice, Synchronicity Massage, and her blog Talk Story.







Una Viggiani is an artist, yogini, world traveler, and inspired instigator. She earned a degree in Fine Art from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and her Masters degree in Education at the University of Denver, but ultimately learned the most traveling the world on a solo journey that lasted two years and took her to 22 countries. She discovered yoga as a way to balance the demands of teaching, but it soon became much more than that.

Yoga became a way of life for Una and making the shift from art teacher to yoga teacher came naturally.

Now, she combines her love of art, yoga and travel by teaching workshops and organizing her new company, Bella Retreats, allowing the physical, creative and spiritual realms to merge into one.









For more than 30 years, Kalani has been a soulful place of refuge and renewal for international guests. Kalani is an educational nonprofit organization that celebrates Hawaii, nature, culture and wellness. Kalani is located on Hawaii Island, commonly known as the Big Island, and is bordered by tropical jungle and the Pacific Ocean.

Their experienced staff, assisted by resident volunteers, dedicate time, energy and care to our guests. They offer healthy vegetarian-friendly cuisine, comfortable accommodations for every budget, rejuvenating bodywork treatments, recreational facilities, and educational adventures.


KALANI'S recipe for a transformative vacation:

Keep your spirit high

Awaken to new ways of living

Let yourself relax and rejuvenate

Attune with creative energy

Nurture your body and soul

Indulge in natural splendor


Kalani Honua means harmony of heaven and earth, and this is what we aspire to. We welcome all in the spirit of aloha and are guided by the Hawai'ian tradition of `ohana (extended family), respecting our diversity yet sharing in unity. We invite you to open your heart to the Big Island of Hawai’i at Kalani Oceanside Retreat.






AMAZING! Nova and Jinju agree it’s the best food they have experienced in all our travels around the world at various retreat centers. There's something for all diets, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free. Yay!

Three times a day, guests and staff are summoned by the call of the conch to dine on their open-air lanai (veranda). At this central gathering place, you can experience the daily rhythms of assembly and departure reminiscent of ancient village life.

Participants from the 2015 retreat during lunch

Participants from the 2015 retreat during lunch

Kalani cuisine encompasses a variety of styles including Thai, Indian, and Italian. Their chefs have extensive training and a common interest in creating healthful and delicious meals.

They celebrate the abundance of Hawai’i by serving local tropical fruits and vegetables and fresh-caught fish. Seafood is often served at dinner (chicken and beef are served occasionally), and vegetarians are well-cared for.

Most importantly, their chefs firmly believe that the care and love invested in the cuisine is transmitted to the diner, and everything is prepared with aloha.

A view from "The Point" across the road from Kalani

A view from "The Point" across the road from Kalani


Kalani is located on acres of tropical beauty on the southeast coast of Hawai'i Island, also known as "the Big Island". Our retreat is a 45 minute drive from the airport in Hilo, or a 2.5 hour drive from the airport in Kona. 

Hawai'i is less crowded and less commercial than other Hawai'ian islands, and offers a variety of spectacular natural attractions. Kalani is located near Kilauea, one of the world's most active volcanoes, where fire goddess Pele expands the island daily. The dramatic lava cliffs of the Kalani coastal area provide for close-up views of turtles and dolphins, and seasonal whale watching. The cliff also provides a haven for sunbathing, meditation or yoga.













The nearest beach is about a 10-minute walk from the retreat center. It’s a beautiful black sand beach and many locals hang there and play. It is also a clothing-optional beach. WARNING: the Pacific in the winter is rough and can be potentially dangerous! Only swim if you are a strong swimmer with experience in large ocean waves. On the free day you could arrange transport to a beach that is a little more tame. We will be there in spring, so should be a bit calmer than usual, though better to not take any chances, as several drownings occur there every year.


If you have a craft you would be interested in vending, please let us know and we can work it into a potential retreat marketplace.


There is internet access in a few locations so feel free to bring your computers. We do advise, however, to leave all work at-home, as the connection is inconsistent and super-slow.


We will open the journey with a welcome circle and orientation at 5 pm on arrival day, March 20, just before dinner at 6 pm. There will be an opening ceremony just after dinner. On the final day, March 27, we will check out of our rooms early and join the larger Hawai'i/Kalani community at ecstatic dance in the morning before lunch.




SOUL FLOW DOLPHIN & DECOMPRESSION RETREAT FOR ALUMNI IN KONA (details subject to change based on enrollment & availability) 

For those of you interested in playing in the magic with us a bit longer after the retreat at Kalani, we welcome you to join us for a 7-day Soul Flow Dolphin and Decompression Retreat.

According to participants from the 2015 retreat, swimming with the dolphins on the Kona side was the perfect way to end their soul flow journey in Hawaii. This post-retreat option is an incredible opportunity to process, integrate, and ground the many lessons and revelations that will undoubtedly be sparked during the Beauty that Transforms intensive program. Transition and “re-entry” after a deeply transformational journey such as this can be very difficult, so we  highly recommend you schedule some time for gentle decompression, whether it’s with us at this retreat, or elsewhere.

This retreat will also a great way to celebrate the new friendships and ohana (family) that will be birthed during your time at Kalani, or for alumni, to reunite with the soul flow ohana that was birthed at last year’s retreat!

While this event will offer yoga, flow and include a few informal workshops, the schedule will be less structured to give more time to relax, connect with yourself, your new friends, our dolphin friends, and to FLOW! There will be plenty of time to swim with the dolphins, kayak, snorkel and celebrate under the Full Moon.

We will let you know when registration opens - there will be limited spot and we expect it will fill quickly! This event is being offered first to the Soul Flow Alumni from previous 2015 and 2016 retreats and they'll be allowed to bring a guest!