At a time before collapsible hoops, every time I would pack for a journey, whether it was to fly halfway around the world, hike up a Colorado mountain trail, or run down to a secluded beach, the two things most important for me to grab were... my poi and my music. Poi-dancing was an instant portal to a flow space that became my sanctuary, a way to reconnect with my body, to the wisdom within, and a path to learning new ways of moving, thinking and being in the world. Eventually, I answered to a deep and playful calling to create a new line of poi, Soul Flow Poi, designed with the goddess and the sacred feminine in mind. Today, my poi go everywhere my hoops go, and a few places my hoops still don't go. Including both the hoop and poi in my flow practice cultivates an even deeper level of harmony, balance, and expanded possibility! 

Playing & dancing with poi is a "Flow Art" - learn about the Benefits and some of the Science of the Flow Arts here. 

Each set of poi contains small bags of grains such as organic Balinese rice and mung beans, sand from Hawai'i (with permission from Pele), and organic essential oils. Get a glimpse of the blessing process we take to infuse these ingredients and learn about to whom we're donating some of the proceeds of each set of Soul Flow Poi we sell: 

Explore a new way to let your soul flow and feel good about giving back to a loving cause with every set you purchase. For a few years, every set was individually custom-made with aloha in either Denver, CO or Hawai'i. With our recent trips to Bali in 2018, we've partnered with a local (she has her own clothing store in Ubud) who now hand-makes our poi with her little sewing machine, one-at-a-time! And since the fabric we select is also made there (in most cases, they're batik) - we can say that Soul Flow Poi is 95% Bali-sourced! (Video coming soon!) 

Be sure to take a look at this Special Edition Soul Flow Bali Poi . . . . 

EVERY PURCHASE MAKES A DIFFERENCE! We are proud to share that a minimum of 10% of the proceeds from every poi sale is donated to a cause or an organization that makes a difference in the world. In the past, we've chosen  GIVE BACK YOGA and VEGAN OUTREACH as the recipients. 

In 2018, as you saw in the video above, we've chosen to support Robin Lim and her work at BUMI SEHAT FOUNDATION. In addition, due to the earthquake and tsunami disasters in Indonesian this year, we’ve also given to Project Karma and will be donating to the IDEP Foundation.

Thank you to all our supporters!

Come to our upcoming Beauty that Transforms - Bali 2019 retreat to expand that portal of transformation, healing and joy within yourself and with others . . . . and bring your Soul Flow Poi! 


Want to start learning the basics of soul flow poi and twin hoops from the comfort of your own home? 

Access the 1st 4 lessons of Aloha Series (shot entirely in Hawai'i) here!