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The Saraswati Shala

From Body Armor to Body Amore'

October 13th, 7 - 7:44 PM, MST

Join Tracy Knowles of Synchronicity Massage + Yinnovative Yoga for an Autumnal tune-up. This guided, somatic meditation and gentle movement experience is intended to help you discover where you can soften + release the grips of the old + stale energies that are ready to ‘fall’ away. As you turn inward and release areas of contraction, you create a blank slate to adorn yourself with new, loving intentions for your sacred + sensual body temple. This projects an energetic template into the quantum field in creating new fruits + blossoms for next’s years Harvest as you allow + assist this years’ cycle to complete. No yoga experience or props will be necessary for this virtual offering.


An illustrious & gentle force, Tracy Knowles is a humanitarian at heart, and creator & guide of magical & healing experiences. As a body worker of nearly 16 years and yoga instructor of 8 years, she draws upon a wealth of information from both personal life, professional experience and studies in the healing arts realm. Her offerings are a mix of somatic, therapeutic application and embodied education. She has observed that when people have an invested interest in their well-being, they have an insatiable hunger for a greater understanding of how to participate in their own evolution.

Tracy’s offerings help to support people in becoming more self-resourced, more intimate with their feelings and more aware of their beauty. This is a baseline for people to feel energized, empowered and motivated in participating in their wellness and thus becoming more self-reliant. 

She also emphasizes the importance of weaving in 'Lila' (Sanskrit word for ’Divine Play') as an equally important component to glowing health and overall balance in Mind, Body & Spirit. She teaches beginner to intermediate hoop dance as a way to tap into the wondrous experiences of play, ecstatic joy and flow state.

about the saraswati shala:

The Saraswati Shala happens every Full Moon with events that….

  • are designed to keep the Beauty Flames LIT, your Goddess Brain SHARP, and to NURTURE the Ohana bonds in our growing NaiAsa Institute community.

  • take different forms - often including guided breathwork, yoga, flow arts, dance, meditation and lecture. All events will align with our mission to empower individuals & organizations with Somatic Education, Coaching and the Healing Arts.

  • are open to the public & free-of-charge! Registration is required to receive gathering details, including the virtual video conferencing link.




0:00 min: Opening & Intro

7:30 min: Blessing & Invocation

10:00 min: Tracy presents preface for the practice

32:00 min: Guided Meditation Begins - access playlist here (Spotify required)

52:00 min: Closing & BALI Special Offer (apologies for the sound interference - sound goes back to normal at 53:00 min)

(Photo: * Hina, Hawaiian Moon Goddess  - )

(Photo: *Hina, Hawaiian Moon Goddess -

Wisdom lives in many forms - the moon, the womb, the cycles of nature, the spirals of our DNA - all of it ultimately there to guide us back home to the wisdom within.

Our upcoming Full Moon is celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere as the Hunter’s Moon. This year’s Hunter’s moon will dance in the sign of Aries inviting RADICAL TRUTH with oneself and with others. What truths are you willing or not willing to embrace so you can live aligned with your life’s mission? Whatever they are - bring them to the Fire! May they be celebrated through breath, flow & movement medicine.

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