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WELCOME to the Aloha Flow Series!! 

The Aloha Flow Series is composed of Soul Flow Poi instructional videos designed for the beginner poi-dancer and/or flow artist. All videos were filmed with Aloha in Hawai'i! 

These lessons were created as a gift to subscribers of our newsletter who get the first 4 lessons of the series. To get the rest of the series (additional 4 lessons + any updates), buy a set of Soul Flow Poi here

May these videos support you in your journey of flow, awakening, and celebrating your inner Fire!






Aloha Series Lesson 2: Structure in Service of Flow 

Lesson 2 Time Stamps:

00:30  Martha Graham Quote & Part 1 Intro & Welcome
02:11  Part 2: Planes of Movement and Direction
05:05  Part 3: Directions (Currents) within each of the 3 Planes
05:15  Part 3a: Directions (Currents) within the Vertical Plane
06:16  Part 3b: Directions (Currents) within the Horizontal and Wall Planes
07:09  Part 4: Around the World Drill
08:59  Part 5: Rhythm and Timing
10:27  Part 6: Soul Flow Wisdom Question


Aloha Series Lesson 3: Grace in Simplicity

Lesson 3 Time Stamps: 

00:22  Mary DeSimone Quote & Part 1 Intro & Welcome
01:31  Part 2: "Poi Chi" and learning directions in the body ("swimming" forward and backward)
02:27  Part 3: Wisdom in Waves, Message about Grace in Simpicity & Demo (at 3:29) 
04:13  Part 4: Discerning Forward/Falling vs Reverse/Rising Current
05:15  Part 5: Creating Grace through Practice and Planes
05:48  Part 6: Drill for Vertical Plane Control
06:37  Part 7: Message on Slowing it Down
07:57  Part 8: Flow Tip - Take it for a Walk! 
08:35  Part 9: Exploring Different Levels in Space
08:56  Part 10: Soul Flow Wisdom Question

Aloha Series Lesson 4: Weaving Harmony, Balance, and Nature 

Lesson 4 Time Stamps:

00:20  Isadora Duncan Quote & Part 1 Intro & Welcome at Ulupo Heiau
02:07  Part 2: Basics of the 2 Beat Weave
04:52  Part 3: Two Ways of Getting the Weave Started
04:59  Part 3: Way #1 Getting the Weave Started from Same Time Rhythm
06:33  Part 3: Way #2 Getting the Weave Started from Split Time Rhythm
08:20  Part 4: Soul Flow Wisdom Question