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tracy knowles

An illustrious and gentle force, Tracy is a woman of Spirit above all else. She is a life-long student of yoga and dedicated to the rehabilitation of feminine balance on this planet. She helps those who are ready to evolve to restore their connection to their innate wisdom and body consciousness through her emerging brand; Yinnovative Yoga; a slow, therapeutic somatic experience that weaves in the cultural wisdom of Chinese meridian healing, the ancient philosophy and practices of yoga, and the progressive, therapeutic work of myofascial unwinding. Tracy has 14 years of bodywork training and private practice experience, 7+ years of yoga facilitation, and over 10 years of hoop dance practice!  

Her offerings include yinnovative yoga classes, advanced bodywork, hoop dance, meditation, sound healing, transformation retreats, in-person and online courses, workshops, play-shops, collaborations, and space for unknown creations to take root!  Learn more about Tracy and her emerging work at and stay yinspired by following her on Yinstagram!



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shawna johnson, poi priestess and facilitator-in-training

Shawna began her journey into the divine feminine through a Soul Flow Alchemy half-day retreat. She was deeply inspired by not only other women’s personal insights during the retreat, but by her own
stirrings within. She thus heeded a calling to commit to the six month Soul Flow Alchemy Personal Inner Fire coaching program. As a recent graduate of this coaching program, Shawna is stepping confidently
into her vision and real purpose that she has been called to do at this time in her life. She has learned to trust herself and has fully embraced the glorious fire within.

Shawna is an artist, a dancer, a healer and a powerful intuitive. She is now pursuing life coaching certification through the Newfield Network, an ontologically-based program. (Ontology is the art of “being” in the world and is the foundation from whence Soul Flow Alchemy was born.) Shawna will utilize this training to partner with Dr. Jinju Dasalla and Nova Dasalla in facilitating the embodiment of personal transformation on a global scale. She is especially interested in the support and facilitation of women in recovery from addictions. Her passion for this type of work is deeply rooted in her personal struggles with, and ultimately her freedom from, addiction.

Shawna is a mother of two adult children, a son and a daughter, and two grandsons. She is a daughter, a friend, a lover, a healer, a seeker of truth and a seriously powerful Goddess! She has felt her fears, given voice to them and thereby crushed their power over her will to shed that which no longer serves her.

We are deeply honored and blessed to partner with Shawna in the worldwide awakening of the Divine Feminine through Soul Flow Alchemy. 


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Mary olejniczak - retreat coordinator 

Mary has been involved with Soul Flow Alchemy as an attendee to our 1st Beauty That Transforms retreat and has the distinction of being the only person to all of our BTT retreats. Therefore, she has the most experience of how our retreats are run and how they bring value to people’s lives having brought two of her friends to BTT 2017 in Hawai’i. 

Along with her legal and hospitality background, and a midwest realism which takes the “woo” out of the woo-woo, we look forward to her insight as an experienced attendee in her new role, behind-the-scene. 





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sekai lokahi - soul flow 3-year old, master teacher of flow, parental guru

Soul Flow Baby, Sekai Lokahi, which means “to be one with and in harmony with the world” is a teacher of unlimited human potential, unity, harmony, and flow. As a relative of the spinner dolphins, Sekai was called to connect with the dolphins while in his mother’s womb and to have the Big Island of Hawaii be his birth home. Playful and sweet, he has been known to be a trickster and a magician . . . . just ask Nova and Jinju about the yoga mats!