Who are we? 

"Soul Flow Alchemy was founded by Nova and Jinju Dasalla as a portal to healing and transformation through education, empowerment, and embodied play . . . . and their work is changing lives.”

Jacqui Becker, CEO of Mean Business

Welcome to Soul Flow Alchemy!


Here at Soul Flow Alchemy, ALCHEMY is our primary mission. We facilitate alchemizing processes in many different ways and with a diverse spectrum of clientele.  We believe everyone has the power to heal themselves, heal others, transform their lives, transform lives around them, manifest their dreams, and help manifest a healthier, happier world. 

Some of the many practices we employ include the flow arts (e.g., poi, hoop, embodied play), dance, yoga and meditation. In our retreats, programs and private coaching, you will be encouraged and guided in developing your own personal and sacred practice incorporating any or all of the above practices. Our Soul Flow Alchemy coaching model & process utilizes a Elemental Medicine Wheel we call the Lokahi Wheel. The Lokahi Wheel for awakening the inner fire and birthing your inner bliss integrates modern neuroscience, ancient indigenous wisdom, ontological coaching, and the wisdom within and all around us. 

It's truly amazing to think of the rapidly rising number of lives being transformed by yoga, dance, and the flow arts - an exciting time to be living, for sure! People are so ready to learn how to play again and explore new dimensions of BE-ing. Yogis are ready to get off the mat, dancers are ready to get on the mat, and flow artists all over the world are paving a new path in somatic healing in the most joyful, creative ways possible!

This rapidly emerging field referred to as “the flow arts” is, at its deepest core, a form of yoga, a path of inquiry. As a transformative and healing somatic practice, a rising number of studies have revealed therapeutic benefits, powerfully restoring and retraining the nervous system. It’s not only an art to unify, bridge, and harmonize various aspects of oneself, but also to weave together many different disciplines into a single-threaded, creative expression. These disciplines can include meditation, dance, yoga, simple play, and performance; in addition, it includes moving with an object such as poi, staff, or the hula-hoop. This movement art requires learning to move gracefully in relationship to oneself, others, and the natural cycles and rhythms universal to life.

Given there are so many activities in the world that have us move, think, and feel in transformative new ways . . . . why flow arts? What is unique about them is that they bridge so many different practices and modalities to maximize engagement of as many sensory systems as possible. We dive into why this is important in the educational & training programs offered through the NaiAsa Institute (formerly Soul Flow Alchemy).

(Read here about the health benefits of the flow arts.)

We hope you'll find value in this website as a resource on your own journey of healing, transformation, and self-discovery.

May you revel in your exploration of these new relationships within the flow arts as dance partners, teachers, and healers. May you play with a curious mind, an open heart, and a hungry soul to leap gracefully into new, expanded ways of moving, thinking, and being. May you say "Yes!" to a journey that we trust will be as magical and transformative for you as it has been for so many.

Aloha & Namaste,

Dr. Jinju Dasalla and the entire Soul Flow Alchemy Team

Jinju Dasalla, PhD, RYT, embraces the power of dance, flow arts, and yoga as portals for somatic healing and personal transformation. As a professional life coach, performer, facilitator, and instructor with a doctorate in neuroscience, Jinju offers truly unique perspectives, pioneering new paradigms for personal growth and transformational learning that harmonize science, art, and soul.  

Jinju co-founded Soul Flow Alchemy, LLC, and the Institute (SFAI) with her husband, Nova Dasalla, as a platform for training and educating health professionals, individuals, and organizations on the neurological and psycho-spiritual benefits of embodied play. As the visionary leader of transformational Soul Flow Retreats, trainings, and author of upcoming book, Beauty that Transforms, her vision is of a world that remembers how simple and sweet healing can be. She holds emotional attunement as the foundation of all flow practices and believes, to love is to flow. Her classes, workshops and coaching journeys consistently call forth elements of play, possibility, and purpose to ultimately awaken one's inner fire and innate wisdom.

To learn more about Jinju and the journey that led to the creation of Soul Flow Alchemy, scroll down to "How & Why".  





From 2010 to 2014, Nova Dasalla is America's #1 ranked acrobatic paragliding pilot who is also known for being the first American to pull off a trick called the Infinite Tumble. He is probably even more known for his film, Infinite Stumbling, that tells the story of his life-altering accident in 2009 when one of his routine maneuvers went dramatically wrong, smashing him into a mountain. Not only did he manage to learn how to walk again but he also was given the gift of embracing life, love, and gratitude on a profound level. This short film has been shown in multiple film festivals around the world. Nova still flies and is an extraordinary, living example of what it takes to face fears, engage flow, and always aspire beyond the norm.



How and Why?

It all started with a dream...

It has been my dream as long as I can remember to have more people in the world experience life and love in the most amazing, if not magical, ways possible.  What I realized many years ago, however, is that creating a world with healthier, happier people begins with each one of us, as individuals, dreaming as big as we possibly can, moving toward those dreams, and being open to seeing new Truths about what it really takes to be healthy in the mind, the body, the emotions, and the spirit. Today I am living my dream through a clear purpose of nurturing wholeness of the human condition and assisting others in achieving their dreams.

I have been passionate about and in awe of the human condition since I was a little girl. Growing up in a cross-cultural military family being relocated all over the world came with big challenges and even bigger lessons. I learned how cultures can be vastly different yet people are universally the same. I learned that words don’t get me very far when it comes to real communication. I learned that a smile goes further than most people can imagine. I learned that life sometimes can be really, really hard and I learned how miraculously resilient human beings can be. I learned that no matter where we are in the world, when people come together to sing and dance, something incredibly powerful and magical happens. By the time I was 18, I knew a huge part of my purpose was to keep learning about the human condition to help others heal, live, and love.

For the next 10 years, I pursued learning everything I could about what makes us breathe, feel, and think. I spent most of those years studying and researching how stress affects behaviors such as drug addiction, motivation, and learning. The two biggest insights I took with me from that part of my journey are 1) nurture can override nature, and 2) since nearly all neural networks can be re-wired, that means nearly all thought patterns and behaviors can also be transformed.

While I learned so much during those years, there was something missing.

What was missing in the biomedical field of neuroscience for me was a connection to the human spirit, to the soul, to the essence of what it means to heal and to be whole. Then, through a series of life events, I began to realize there was wisdom and truth beyond textbooks that can bring about far more powerful solutions for some of the worst human conditions than prescribing a pill. It was clear to me that to achieve wholeness on this planet, we needed to begin harmonizing science with spirituality, and our heads with our hearts.

Immediately after earning my doctorate, I embarked on a spiritual journey through Peru. While there, I heard a Peruvian Amazonian Shaman say, “When people in the modern world want to know about something they go and read books, take classes, dissect its parts, and do research. They study everything they can about it and in the end . . . .  they still never ‘know It’, they only know ‘about’ it because they studied it.” In hearing those words, something began to crack open in my heart and my own path to personal healing and transformation began.

For the next 3 years, my curiosity about matters of the heart began to grow and eventually, there was one question that became the center of my attention. That question was, “What is this thing called Love?” With a burning desire to know love and a knowing that love may be the most important and powerful force of humanity, I started a documentary film and community art project exploring the dynamic nature of love and relationships in the modern world. The project is called 22 Ways 2 Love You and has been one of my greatest teachers on one of my favorite subjects.

As my heart began to guide my way, I also found myself being drawn to the universal act of dance and began to see dance as a powerful metaphor for love and relationships. I had always intuitively known there was something about dancing that heals, connects, and transcends. With this in my heart, the next milestone of my journey was finding a life coach training program. I knew I found the perfect program when I read the words, “If you’re not willing to learn how to dance, then this program is not for you!”

It was in this program, through Newfield Network, under the guidance and inspiration of master coach and philosopher, Julio Olalla, that I got to witness (and remember) what healing is really all about. Tenderness… gratitude… connecting with our bodies… learning to dance… and learning to move in new ways. It was there that I began experiencing the truth of  the idea that when we move in new ways, we literally create new neural pathways and we begin to feel and think in new ways.

The next significant piece of my journey was being called to work with two related organizations, ONE Freedom and Magis Group, to learn and teach a model designed to help people not only navigate lives impacted by trauma and stress, but more importantly, how to discover the strength within to move through challenges with ease and grace. I still work with both these organizations with a shared vision of bringing new paradigms of education and training into the world with a much needed balance of science and ancient wisdom.

The next few milestones of my journey had to do with falling in love.

It had been a long road of soul-searching and healing for me. I struggled for much of my life with anxiety and depression. It fascinates me to this day that, with all my formal training and education, what would eventually become one of the most powerful tools in my personal healing and transformation is the art and practice of poi and fire dancing - dancing being the key word.

After discovering the art at a Burning Man Festival, I began practicing on my own nearly every day and it didn’t take long before I not only fell in love, but it became my sanctuary. This unique form of movement meditation and dance became a vehicle for creative expression, learning to move in new ways, stress relief, play, and connecting to the element of Fire in a sacred way.

Shortly after falling in love with poi – dancing, I fell in love with my soulmate, Nova Dasalla, who has been my greatest teacher and inspiration for transforming fears into fuel and embracing life, love, and gratitude. My husband is also my partner in a shared purpose and vision to help others heal, transform, and achieve their dreams in life and in love through Soul Flow Alchemy. Formerly North America’s # 1 ranked Acrobatic Paraglider and survivor of a near-death flying accident, his message of what it takes to engage extraordinary resiliency and not give up on one’s dreams after learning how to walk again, is truly powerful.

I leave you with one final love story which completes “my journey” and a very important message. It is the story of falling in love with myself, of the miracle that I, you, and each and every one of us truly are… separate from our identity, separate from our egos, but the raw life force that pulses through and connects each and every one of us. It is the primal wisdom that is within, in this body and soul, separate from thoughts, speaking a whole different language, a language connected and felt through a universal dance and rhythm, pulsing through our hearts . . . .  a message that self-healing is possible through movement, music, and the magic that unfolds with love, compassion, and simply by believing in miracles.

Today, the journey continues with great joy, curiosity, gratitude, and trust in the Divine.


Jinju Dasalla, PhD, Director and Co-Founder of Soul Flow Alchemy