WEEKS 14 - 19 (July 23 - August 27): Water & Energy Body



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  • Complete your Spiral 3 Kosha Check-in Sheet (by June 19th)

  • Complete Alchemy Sheet 3.1 – CONGRATULATORY CONVERSATIONS (by July 24th)

  • Complete Alchemy Sheet 3.2 – HO'OPONONO (by July 24th)

  • Complete Alchemy Sheet 3.3 - ENERGY DRAIN OR GAIN?

  • Continue to dedicate 5 min a day to NaiAsana (Flow, Dance and Yoga!)

  • Continue practicing Inner Fire Womb Heart Meditation

  • Schedule a Discovery Session with our Luminary, Anara Lani (https://www.anaralani.com/)


password: alohaaina!

Small Group Leaders - PLEASE share weekly updates and progress with BIG GROUP in the private FB group. What I am hearing from you all is AMAZING and I feel it would be even more powerful for everyone to learn what I am learning from the leaders.  There is juicy potential for the small group journeys to inspire each other. 

  • Week 14 (July 23) - SEMINAR #3. Pranayama Kosha. The Levels & Essence of FLOW: Brain, Breath, Heart & Relationship

week 14 recording 


00:00 - Welcome. Happy Birthday Anne & Danielle!! Bali Retreat - Yay! So many of you coming!! Tonya - A Tree just fell on her house! Woah! And she's still smiling :) Introduction to Water Element. Good news!! Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris accepted invitation to be our Luminary for Spirit!!! 
11:00 - Opening Meditation, Invocation - Water Element, Pranamaya Kosha, Ancestors.... Goddess Kuan Yin... Our Dolphin (Nai'A) and Whale friends.... Inner Fire Heart-Womb... Bring in BREATHWORK.
24:30 - Appreciation Exercise - Sister Love.... meaning of Alo-HA
27:00 - Welcome to Pranamaya Kosha - Your Breath & your Heart.... and the connection between the hearts & the brain! and the Womb!! 
34:30 - Graphs & Illustrations for Brain & Heart Neuro-physiology! And FLOW!! 
45:00 - Diff levels of Flow - What is the smallest basic unit of Flow?
48:00 - Yoga and Flow - The 3 Gunas.... Tamas, Rajas, Sattva.... Bodhisattva.... 
53:00 - Back to graphs - your Brain in Flow... Whole Brain Functioning State is state to repattern subconscious beliefs
57:30 - Limbic System of the Brain
1:00:00 - Heart neurophysiology.... Entrainment.... HRV... 
1:06:30 - Yoga and Pranamaya Kosha - Currents and channels of PRANA within our bodies.... Kundalini spiral of energy.... ida/pingula
1:10:00 - Transient Hypofrontality Hypothesis.... 
1:12:00 - HRV - ANGER vs APPRECIATION graphs of HRV - huge differences! 
1:15:00 - PLAY.... Dr. Stuart Brown... Play vs Love vs Flow
1:17:00 - LOVE... Your Brain in Love... but first, Addiction!
1:20:00 - Close with Journey Process.... Lokahi Wheel.... going into Water with Vision Seeds....practice! 
1:25:00 - Closing prayers for Anne, Angel, Tonya, and beyond.... Om.... Namaste.

  • Week 15 (July 30) - Group Coaching, Mastermind, & Integration Call #5

WEEK 15 recording 


0.55 Jinju welcome. Five planets in retrograde – Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Neptune. Earthquake conversation, connection with lunar eclipse?! Why wouldn’t lunar energy affect planetary activity beyond waves of the ocean! Congratulatory words about the good work we all did navigating and balancing out the lunar energy this month.

3.18 Introduction to Om Hari Om chant with Vittam Mudra an inviting Goddess Kuan Yin into the big circle to see what she has in store for us as a collective. Jinju – I invite you all to share in the private FB page interesting things you’ve noticed while working with an oracle deck. It is helpful to center yourself before pulling your card. The card is a portal of communication between the seen and the unseen. Use your intuition? Does that feel like the truth?

7.13 Om Hari Om is Sanskrit and is a vibratory invocation to produce calm an invoke healing. This chant is one of the prayers that goes into your Soul Flow poi.

9.06 Om Hari Om chant as a group.

12.32 Vittam Mudra with breathwork followed by Kuan Yin invocation.

18.05 Jinju pulls the Mother Fierce card (Card 18) from the Kuan Yin Oracle deck and reads it to the group.  Shawna commented that she also pulled that same card that morning! Later in the day, on the private FB page, Tonya shared that she also pulled the same card that day!

25.26 Jinju reads the Mother Fierce prayer to the group – The fire in the heart!

29.14 Sister group WATER toast in gratitude to Mother Fire Kuan Yin and to honor the divine sacred feminine (and masculine) within all of us.

32.0 Check-ins --- What feels most alive for you right now on this journey? Close with a gratitude.

32.45 Danielle. Revisiting seeds and realizing she can expand on the Steam mountain bike outreach seed! Small group has been cultivating movement, vulnerability and motivating each other. “I am sitting on a half-million-dollar budget at work that I am responsible for, and maybe I can build a bigger seed and something really innovative! Maybe I can do something really big for metro-Boston, and build in the innovation steam project and get more of these kids out and excited about science and technology and opportunities in a bigger way. I have a lot of leverage to make this happen, and I’m going to start tackling that this week.” Her gratitude is this program, the bigger group and her small group where “we’ve really been sharing best practices. There’s been a lot of turbulent energy, and being able to voice that out loud with people who aren’t judging you has helped us ride those waves when they are rough, because we know we will get to smoother waters.”

37.10 Jen. East Side Yoga studio that she’s been attending for nine years has been a major part of her transformation, as has the flow arts. “I’m not really sad because I’m excited for what’s about to come, but tonight they closed their doors and it has been extremely sad for a lot of us where it’s been our spiritual center and where we meet our community…all day has been haloed with that. I came straight from this amazing kirtan ceremony where we were chanting and meditation and sharing and crying together and straight into this group, and then Jinju pulled the fire card. I could feel that fire, and I could see it in my hands and I could feel it…oh man, I’m all heated up! Jen then told a story about following a waterfall with her friend during her backpacking trip that led to the Pacific Crest trail and incomprehensible beauty. Jen ended with “My new advice to people is chase waterfalls!”

40.54 Cortney. “The calendar is alive, and it just keeps moving!” I’m in a weird spot, finishing summer class I’m teaching and everything ramping up for the Fall. I’m in a weird transition. I’m fighting of the ‘I haven’t gotten enough done’ phase. I’m going to reflect on things I have done. My typical mode is to get really overwhelmed and snarky and snippety. I felt panic this week and did some things to push it back. I’m grateful for the small group connection of starting new habits and being able to be vulnerable. I started this SAVERS routine of doing silence, affirmation, visualization, exercise, reading and scribing. The past five days I’ve been doing that for about a minute each. That’s starting to get me in this mode of not just rolling of bed and starting to get panicked and running late as I usually am. With the water we might have to call it SWAVERS; got to get that ‘W’ in there!

43.59 Stephanie. I’m coming down from a really high feeling I had two weeks ago. I had a lot of energy and was finding a lot of connections between the things that interest me. I was doing a lot of research on things I was interested in. This week I just crashed physical and am sick right now. I’m kind of sad, because I am leaving on a trip this Friday. Working long hours and doing my own for my own growth was just too much. I decided to honor my body and listen to my body. I just relaxed and sat today. I didn’t even go to work. I just allowed myself to rest. It was the best thing I could’ve done. I’m trying to figure out what seed to do first, and how I should proceed with my seeds. When I focus on negativity in my life it starts to manifest in other areas. I’m trying another approach and letting go of things in my life that feel heavy, like certain relationships and people. I’m trying to walk the line between being nice and kind and being taken advantage of.

48.20 Angel. Just today I’ve been thinking through my seed and what’s really big for me and what I can put down for the moment and things I can still work on creating. I still will definitely do the death doula course in November – I’m going to keep traveling on that journey. I don’t think I’m ready to create Tom’s House of Joy until my kids are done with school. It gives us a lot of time to create what that really looks like and get the right people involved. That’s really about six years that we would be able to create that. I am thinking that the Kundalini yoga might help me on my journey. I’m been looking at what I can put down, and replace with things that put me in a good space. What do I want to keep, what do I want to add, and what do I want to get rid of? My gratitude piece is that I get to be with all of my small group sisters this Sunday and Monday. I’m really excited about that!

54.32 Jinju. Discusses the image of juggling… all of these ball that we are inspired by! And then, oh my gosh, the balls drop everywhere! It’s powerful to realize that “I don’t have to juggle 10 balls at a time!”

56.15 Mary. One of my seeds, it was on my bubble bliss board, was to have a relationship. That came out of nowhere about 6 weeks ago. A gentleman that I work with that wasn’t on my radar, and it’s working out. We don’t spend much time together. There’s a lot of complicated stuff in his background that could potentially make me run away, but we’re very organic with each other. We just spend a lot o time together getting along. It feels very natural. We’re taking things very slowly. Complications in the past would’ve made me say, “Nope, I’m out of here,” but I’m being patient with this. It’s really nice! A lot of that patience I’ve learned comes from you, Jinju, and being a part of SFA, the positive aspects and looking at obstacles as opportunities that I just need to see in a different way. I wouldn’t have thought that way three years ago, before I became a part of your organization. I’m so thankful for all the struggles and being a part of the group! His name is Nick.

1.00.30 Tonya. This week has been hard. Last week I had a tree fall on my house. That and the lunar energy was just a catalyst. I’ve felt heavy, It’s hard. I want to be really happy like most of the rest of you right now. I started a cleanse today and have a bit of a headache. I’m cleaning out my closet and trying to do all these last-minute things I wanted to do this summer. I had grand visions of what I was going to ‘get done’ this summer with 10 weeks off. Now I have four days left, and I do have it on my to-do list today to make a list of things I actually did do! I can’t shake this heaviness I have. I have a little apprehension about going back to work. I have these seeds I’ve planted, and next week is FULL SPEED AHEAD. I’m really sitting with myself to follow theses tings through, but I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. I have a lot of balls I’m juggling right now. I’m curious when I do the alchemy sheet about gain or drain… I’m not seeing which balls I can get rid of right now. I’m liking what Mary said about seeing obstacles as opportunities. I have some big decisions to makes – ALL CYLNDERS ARE FIRING! I’m so grateful for my small group. It’s been a beautiful thread to anchor and feel love and support and challenge.

1.05.16 Shawna. I’m on fire with Kundalini yoga! A lot of stuff is opening up and shifting for me. HOT SEAT ISSUE:

I gave up my daughter for adoption when I was 20 years old. There’s been times when we’ve been really close and times when she’s pulled away, but this past year it’s been all about her pulling away, and it’s crushing me. She doesn’t invite me to her home. I always invite myself. I made a commitment to myself through some work I did with Jinju to not invite myself anymore, I’m not going to beg at the doorstep for forgiveness forever. I’m done with that. I wrote her alter but didn’t send it. There has always been excuses why I feel like I can’t voice my opinion. What I’m asking for is your opinion of what you’re hearing n my share and what you might recommend to me going forward. This is a big thing that’s holding me back.

               Steph. You mentioned that there were those close times in the past. What were those times like, what was the communication, how were those times different than now?

               Shawna. We used to talk almost every day. I was with her when she was in labor with my second grandchild. I was holding her hand.

               Steph. And you don’t know anything about the marriage counseling; I’m wondering

               Shawna. She hasn’t shared anything Steph.

Mary. Shared that her own mother-daughter relationship was strained. Then, I am wondering if the disconnect is because the marriage counseling or you being involved with the children. Maybe she’s saying she wasn’t there the whole time and this is our family and our children. Have you had any interaction with him? Maybe that’s the disconnect.

               Jen. I’ve felt a lot of disconnect with my own family. To be honest, a lot is not personal. If she’s in counseling she’s probably depressed. I hope the right time comes when you can share. She needs to hear what you have to say.

               Katie Marie. I was looking for the Four Agreements on my bookshelf. We can’t assume what’ going on for another person. All that ruminating we can’t take personally. I hope there was some catharsis in writing the latter. If you shared your experience, your vision and healing maybe that would help.

               Danielle. Maybe there’s pressure from her adoptive parents. Today my son drove across country with his birth mom. My gut was to be jealous, but was later grateful that he had that. I was wondering about the moonbox.

               Shawna. My daughter and I sent each other the same moonbox as gifts, at the same time. I know she loves me, and it doesn’t erase the fact that I m feeling invisible in her life. There’s history there. There’s a lot of hurt on both ends.

1.23 Katie Marie. HOT SEAT.

I’ve been having energetic trepidation about the hot seat coming up. When the Mother Fierce card was pulled, and some of the language around it, I had tears streaming down my face. It was clear what wanted to speak to… enforcing boundaries with communication with my ex. A time about a year ago when he wasn’t sober, and there was self-harm involved, our dynamic shifted. I became a caretaker and was on the receiving end of some emotional and verbal abuse. It’s been really protracted. It was the most I could muster while working 13 hours a day, and I was poorly resourced in terms of professional assistance to handle everything that was going on.

We separated physically, and then he moved to Europe. A Couple times I voiced that I need no communication for 30 days. I need to regroup. He has impulse control problems and is really holding out hope for a reunion. I’m not sure – I don’t think that I share that sentiment. Steps I’ve taken are less on what I need and want and more on what I think he can handle… what wouldn’t cause him to spiral and potentially harm himself again. Now we have more time and distance. My therapist told me that when I’m being assertive and direct, and maybe feeling hurtful, I am just being direct. I think that’s true. I’m looking for wisdom and support in protecting myself from this darkness.

               Mary. You’re physically safe? You’re more worried about your effect on him and what he could do to himself? (Mary then told a story about her time with a rape counseling center) There’s no easy answer. It’s not your fault no matter what happens. You can’t control, or should have to be able to handle his actions. You have to take care of yourself.

               Cortney. Cortney restated Katie’s words, “I think I don’t eel the same way”. Can you say more about how you feel about him?

               Katie. I decided 85% now way, no, close it. Fifteen percent is remembering they way he loved me in a time before and that he has the capacity. I do feel like we are in very separate journeys. I don’t feel like I can say to him “if you’re doing okay in a year then maybe”. That doesn’t feel genuine or right.

               Steph. My heart sank back into a similar experience I had. I thought my ex and I could be friends. There were sobriety issues and self-harm. I thought we could be friends. It was easy to romanticize the relationship and remember the good times. Because I left that door open and was uncertain, it allowed things to really spiral out of control. It culminated in a suicide note when I tried to make a clean cut. It turns out he’s still alive. The only way I was able to cut ties was through his best friend.

               Katie. There was a lot of shame, speaking about it dissipates it.

               Jen. I want to say no wonder he wants to hold onto you. You are a beautiful and powerful force. I hope for healing for you both.

               Shawna. I’m hearing that there’s a remembrance going on, and it’s a grieving process going on. The 15% is the grieving process and letting go of what was and will never be again. You are moving on, and when one person steps out of the dance the other person is going to try to cling.


  • Week 16 (Aug 6) - LUMINARY Presentation & Interview (with live Q & A) with Anara Lani on Somatic Embodiment & Ho'oponopono



00:00 - Welcome. Divine Mother Opening Prayer with Dr. Jinju.
04:45 - Welcome, Love to Sisters who could not be there (Danielle, Katie, Steph)
07:20 - Introduce Anara Lani
14:00 - Go around the Circle - Each Sister shared name, location & ONE WORD that describes relationship with sensual, sexual self. Shawna - RE-AWAKENING AFTER DIVORCE. Heidi - DEEP DIVE & CURRENT FAVORITE SUBJECT. Anne - OPEN & EVOLVING. Cortney - EVOLVING. Tonya - ALIVE. Jenn - CURIOUS & REAWAKENING. Mary - DISCOVERY. Angel - REDISCOVERY. Cassandra - EXPLORATIVE & JUICY! Angela - REDISCOVERY & SELFISH.Jinju - REAWAKENING. Anara - VIBRANT & ALIVE & PERCULATING.
25:45 - Anara invites us to find movement in our bodies, connect with the Water Element. Bring awareness to the fact that we are made up of mostly water. Letting Breath get long, and letting the body guide the movement. The body has full freedom to change Her mind, not only is it invited, it's celebrated. Women tend to get chastised for being so "fickle", here, it is welcome. We can't really talk about sex without talking about the body, and we can't talk about the body without acknowledging all the subtle bodies ( 5 or 11 in Kundalini ). CONCEPT - We're NOT just ONE. Ho'opono Pono a Kala. 
30:30 - Ho'opono Pono. Post Tahitian, Post-Missionary, vs Ancient form - Ho'opono Pono E Kale.
See link: http://www.alohaspiritaunty.com/index.html
2:30 - Back to the different Parts of us with example of how we might think about a potential romantic encounter. 
34:30 - Ke Ala aspect of Ho'opono Pono. Rather than resolving conflicts outside of us, Ke Ala invites us to resolve the conflicts within us. Post-missionary ( a specific type of Christianity ) brought this concept of "forgiveness" or "sinning"... this concept didn't honor the authentic TRUTH of waht Au Makua teaches us, and what TRUE Pono and Huna, what TRUE alignment teaches us, and it's really this concept that every that exists IS IN PERFECTION. It's complex to talk about because we can ask "Is Rape or child abuse in perfection?". Drop the pebble in the pond of awareness of the concept that we don't know enough to know if something is "good" or "bad" or if something is in service or not in service... Could it be the most valuable gift in supporting compassion and wholeness down the road? We don't know. In the moment, shit can feel so F_g hard, and painful... yet we don't know enough to know if it's "good" or "bad". Ke Ala refers to the belief that everything that is happening to us right now is that it's in divine perfection. Everything is Harmony in imperfection. "There is only Love."  But if we can surrender the idea of knowing… or believing that we know… what is most right for us or for anybody else, THAT’S where the TRUTH is, that’s where the nectar is."
39:50 - Some MOVEMENT. Shake the shoulders, the Mana, being the heart & light energy coming together in one alignment. JUMP! SHAKE! Let Breath get Fierce! 
42:30 - The 4 part post-process.... 1) "I am so sorry" It's becoming accountable to the choices I have made, recognition of our humility. 2) "Would you please forgive me?" That's the language that is used by many (we can talk more about that in a different way). "I recognize the ALOHA in you, and I didn't honor it, please accept my recognition of that." 3) "I LOVE YOU!!!" 4) "THANK YOU" Thank you for accepting my words.... 
45:30 - Ho'opono Pono KE ALA - takes it to a more masterful level. It recognizes that wherever we were acting out of integrity of our divine breath, our pono, our true alignment, IN OUR RECOGNITION THAT WE ARE ALL NOT ONLY LOVE, BUT THAT EVEN THROUGH OUR BEHAVIORS OF FORGETTING THAT
WE ARE PERFECTION, that that perfection NEVER ACTUALLY STOPPED, we just forgot for a little while, and then believed it was true, and then we've been OUT OF BALANCE. 
47:00 - Mary repeats what she heard... nice work! Awesome! You nailed it! 
49:15 - Heidi - It's still challenging to live in alignment with this truth...  and it's been in relationship with different humans, but also family members. What's helping me stay in the alignment of seeing the perfection is really learning to tune in to myself in the situation and.... when I'm not in my own alignment, it's very easy to feel blame, or anger... but when my own embodiment is full, it's a whole different way of seeing. 
50:25 - Anara poses question - at a restaurant and realize you got double charged! You call the company and they say "Sorry, too bad, too sad!" How would that feel in your body?? Shawna - like someone hit me in the stomach.... Jenn... Fire in my chest...So, we often get into "protective mode"
51:50 - Ho'opono Pono Reflection Practice. Get comfortable, sitting or laying down. Imagine a situation where you feel you've been wronged, an injustice that created a flare.... Notice this person or circumstance (within you or with another)... Pull up a mirror and see where YOU are... YOU that is the WITNESS... Notice the lines, colors & textures.... feel the body of the one that is the witness.... in your own mind, say, "I AM HERE. THIS ONE IS ME." Once you really have a grasp of YOU THE WITNESS, now take a look at the one you have a conflict with... NOTICE WHAT EMOTIONS COME UP. The mental thought & the visceral awareness.... notice the sensory experience as you look at the one you have discomfort with.... Walk around that One. Notice all the aspects, all the parts, age, orientation, what they might be feeling inside.... Get really curious about WHAT THEY MIGHT BE FEELING, WHY THEY ARE SAYING OR ACTING in these ways that don't feel good to you.... Now notice does that have an impact on your body? As you see from a broader spectrum, a greater perception? How does that change your relationship to that One? In LOKAHI, we can truly access their experience as OURS. We can look through their eyes back at us. It may not be available, that's ok.... In the LOKAHI FIELD, WE ARE ALL ONE. Now bringing awareness back to your own body.... notice if it feels easy or does it stretch you? If you notice any tightness, squeeze and tighten EVEN MORE, go into it!! And then relax... say, 
"I AM HERE. This one... is me." Notice and get curious about how the WAY you are presenting may be affecting this One. You may feel some righteousness, that's ok. Look at that aspect of you and say THANK YOU for protecting me. Notice if there are any other "protectors"  showing up, acknowledge and thank them for showing up. Notice what they look like... or feel like... maybe it's just jumble, and that's ok. Ask your "overseer" to blow away the fog so things can get clear. THE ONE you believe has done something wrong, Look into their eyes and hear these words, "I am so sorry. Please accept my apology. Would you please forgive me for this stupid thing I did. I feel badly it happened. I love you. I love you. Thank you. I'm so sorry I did this." Let your breath get long and deep... notice other aspects showing up saying, "don't believe them, it's not true... you have to protect yourself"... then open to receive the GIFT of their love... Choose a feeling that feels good and see if you can amplify it.... EXTEND it out past the skin, radiate it out... until it's dissipated and there's nothing... when you are ready, come back to neutral. 
1:09:30 - Fully come back into your body... Look into the eyes of the one that wronged you... See if you can find a place of COMPASSION for that Other. Ho'opono Pono back to them... You who shares the same breath, I LOVE YOU. I have fallen out of Harmony, and I forgive myself. And forgive the journey of disharmony that we both share. More movement, tapping, breathing... end with 3 big exhales...
1:16:00 - Sisters Share about their experiences - How easy was it for you to feel the other person and feel compassion? 2) How easy was it for you to feel the apology? CASSANDRA - And ex reaching out, gave my power, felt numb, so at first it was really hard to envision this person and find compassion and to take responsibility.... once I got to that space, it felt lighter & tangible!! And allow the receiving of forgiveness.... Hearing/Seeing him hear those words was super powerful! I feel so light right now!! POWERFUL SHARE!! (LOST ANARA!) oops... 
1:20:00 - Anara Back, Cassie recapped :) 
1:21:40 - Shawna. Woman at work seems to think I'm her "Bitch" and going through that meditation.... it was POWERFUL, and freeing... the exercise of walking around ourselves... I picked myself up and put myself in my arms... wow. 
1:23:20 - Heidi. Dramatic thing with a partner this weekend. It just made me realize for the strengthening of the relationship, there's huge value in allowing someone else to share that... and I wanted to block it... partly out of defense, not wanting to go into that vulnerable place... beautiful practice, thank you... Anara - "often in our beautiful women's community, we share this notion that being more receptive & open is superior... sometimes it's really important to honor BOUNDARIES! When you're feeling resistance, error on the side of curiosity.... not make the assumption that you should be different... the wisdom of our inner masculine... sometimes it's really necessary to have solid boundaries... when we honor our own edges, it give them framework of how to work with us."
1:27:00 - A word on SHAME. Invitation to engage forgiveness from divine perfection rather than SHAME. Being in our authority of our embodiment of the Divine... example... TRUMP... everything in that man exists inside of us.... 
1:30:00 - Closing... Jinju "this is the kind of medicine that truly heals the world"... Hawaiian State Fish!! Humu humu nuku nuku apu a'a  
MORE ON ANARA HERE: https://www.anaralani.com/


  • Week 17 (Aug 13) - Group Call #6



00:00 - Welcome and opening with Dr. Jinju.
04:40 - Butterfly Kundalini NaiAsana Guided Breathwork & Meditation
24:40 - Circle share of what everyone noticed during the meditation
30:30 - Group Shares on WHAT BREAKS MY HEART & How it relates to my seeds
31:30 - Heidi - Sexual Shame (story about her grandmother, 2 cousins who are gay, ex-partner). Swing dancing relates because there’s a physical connection between beautiful men & women who have to hold hands & touch each other’s backs… it allows people to connect intimately in a FUN & SAFE way!!

  • Week 18 (Aug 20) - NaiAsana Yoga & Flow - JINJU SICK, NO LIVE CLASS. GUIDED RECORDED 20 MIN NAIASANA POSTED TO FB GROUP. Hmm… should be easy enough to upload and embed HERE. :) Will do that actually!

  • Week 19 (Aug 27) - Personal Integration