• Complete your Kosha Check-in Sheet (by May 7th)
  • Complete Alchemy Sheet 1 – BLISS BUBBLE BOARD (by May 7th)
  • Complete Alchemy Sheet 2 – YOUR 5-YEAR VISION LETTER (by May 7th)
  • Complete Alchemy Sheet 3 – YOUR 3 SEEDS (by May 14th)
  • Complete Alchemy Sheet 4 – YOUR 9-MONTH VISION LETTER (by May 21st to share with group on May 22nd)
  • Complete Alchemy Sheet 5 – LANGUAGE DISTINCTIONS (by May 28th)
  • Dedicate 5 min a day to NaiAsana (Flow, Dance and Yoga!)
  • Continue practicing Inner Fire Womb Heart Meditation
  • Book a Vedic Astrology Session with Dr. Katy (soon!)
  • Week 2 (May 1) - SEMINAR #1. Vijnanamaya Kosha. Explore Possibilities. Discern what Matters Most. When the WHY is big enough the HOW is easy.

Please complete the following before the 5/1 class: 

  1. Attached here is the next section of your guide (also linked in your Private Portal). Please print and take a look as soon as you can! 
  2. Pass the baton to the next Priestess to lead for the month of May. Group Leaders, please let me know how that transition is going (if you haven't already). 
  3.  Our sister, Cortney, turns 40, this week - I believe on the 30th, with the glorious full moon! Let's all be sure to send some birthday love and, of course, we'll have to have a moment of celebration on our call this week! 




4:00 - Welcome
8:00 - Cortney Birthday Blessings
15:45 - Hello to our Balinese Priestess
17:00 - Beltane & Lei Day Blessings & Meanings (Angel & Jinju)
26:00 - Guided Meditation - Pleiadian Sisters of the Star Blossoms from Kuan-Yin Oracle
38:30 - Amazing Sister Circle Share!! 
1:08:00 - Jinju presents on Vijnanamaya Kosha, Visioning Process, Feminine & Masculine Ways of "knowing"... and "conceiving".... When the WHY is big enough the HOW is easy... Why Yoga? Why Now? 


Week 3 (May 8) - Group Coaching, Mastermind, & Integration Call #1



3:00 - Cassandra Love meditation and movement
5:30 Cassandra - Yin & Yang Breath
10:30 - Cassandra - Movement & Bastrika Breath
18:00 Cassandra - Golden Spiral Heart Womb Breath Meditation - Your TRUTH & INTUITION live inside your Womb!! From the Womb, that "knowing" spirals up to the heart, and then your head tries to make sense of it! (quoting Cassandra, love that languaging!)
24:00 Cassandra - Surya/Chandra Bhedana Pranayama - right/left nostril breathing to balance the brain & nervous system! Nice! 
27:00 Jinju - Reflection Points & Aha Epiphanies! Yin & Yang breath meditation ties in beautifully with our Poi spinning currents in the vertical plane. Forward Falling simple circles - breath rises up the back and falls down the front side. Reverse Rising simple circles - taps into the Feminine Current of Flow in this plane. WOW!!! So enlightening!!! 
34:00 Jinju - Introduction to the "HOT" or "LOVE" Seat Master Mind & Heart Process!! 
38:50 - Heidi share - Conflicted with big party event to go or not to go to... beautiful, raw, share with so much learning there for us all! 
54:10 - Jen share - sense of constantly hitting a wall and feeling frustrated with her progress. Wow!! Lots of learning for all of us here too! Wonderful new perspectives and ideas from all! Thank you everyone!! Worth reviewing for sure!!

  • Week 4 (May 15) - LUMINARY Presentation (Dr. Katy jane) & Interview
    (with live Q & A)




6:20 - Dr. Jinju Opening Meditation
10:40 - Introduce Dr. Katy
22:22 - Sister Introductions
44:22 - Dr. Katy shares her story
58:00 - What is the difference b/w vedic & western astrology?


  • Week 5 (May 22) - Group Call #2 (Share 5 - YEAR Visions)




2:00 - Jinju Welcome & Small Group Check-In
4:00 - Shawna of the Wisdom Warriors. Shared it's been challenging to connect and hold accountability. Danielle requested using more offline technologies. A few ideas were Voxer, Marco Polo & WhatsApp
10:00 -  Stephanie of Shake, Rattle & Soul Shimmy shared things are going super well with connection & accountability.
12:20 - Mary of Wild Unknown shared it's been challenging to find a meeting time that works for everyone. 
17:20 - Luminary Angela Csargo Guided Somatic Mind Body Therapy Meditation. Beautiful integration of chakra activation (remember making a temple with our hands?!?) Guided meditation took us on a hike to a ledge, drawing in Earth wisdom. 
27:00 - Break in Internet Connection
28:00 - Angela's Back!! yay! Acronym - ACT for Accountability, Creation & Transformation (at the cellular level)
33:00 - Jinju opens Vision Sharing Circle (5 Yr visions!). Read passages from book, Healing Wisdom of Africa by Malidoma Patrice Some. Spirit guided invitation to take notes as each sister shares. Write down the gifts you see in each sister as she shares her vision.
40:40 - Magical Moment of Balinese Priestess showing up perfectly on cue w invocation of Elements & SPIRIT!! 
43:00 - Jenn Knowles - Permaculture Farm! Earth Wisdom. Supporting Community. World Travel.
49:00 - Mary O - 9 month vision - Bali with Soul Flow Alchemy Sisters! Goosebumps! Regular Flow Practice. Journaling Gratitudes every day. Bad habits few and far between. Attending classes & feeling financially abundant! 
51:00 - Stephanie - Living on a tropical lush island! Hunger & poverty issues!! Social Media as a powerful tool for positive change. Turn negative impacts of social media on it's head - a new social media platform idea!! Dance studio on my property! Leading Bellydance Sensuality Workshops on her land! Rejuvenation for Women & Girls. Wearing Goddess Dress she designed for herself. Much personal healing has taken place. Ready to welcome new soul partner/mate into her life!
58:00 - Heidi - Senses are awake. Feeling joyful, peaceful, connected, balanced, free, at lease, loved. Sanctuaries & Workshops of healing & embodiment are successful. Conscious community with shared visions & values. Travel, pray, rest & play!! Blessed with harmonious relationships. Tantra & Sacred Sexuality - Womb has been healed & cleared. She has found her soulmate and is in the most beautiful partnership she could ever imagine! 
1:01:00 - Tonya - 5 year not complete, but Bliss Chart is!! BLISS to LOVE with family, herself, her new love partner! Thriving relationship coaching practice. Masters in Public Health. Curriculum for Youth!! Education to support diversity & equality! Financial Abundance. Growing sister tribe.
1:05:00 -Danielle - New Land & Airport - geo-powered & solar powered! STEAM - Local Mountain Bike Group. Teaching nature, fitness, engineering & confidence to girls! Expanded into inner cities as well! Eco-sustainable & deeply connected community! Solar powered school buses! More community-based schools. 4th year anniversary of our family trip around the world!! Relationships with our sons have deepened & blossomed. 
1:11:00 - Katie - burned out, overwhelmed, saturated and leaving Ethiopia in 4 weeks! HUGE TRANSITIONS - Difficult space from which to create. AND... on June 19th, I am stepping on the plane to go HOME!! Taking the next 6 months OFF!! Jan 1, 2019 Letter. Happy New Year. So much healing & rejuvenation. Happier and healthier than ever. Committed yoga & meditation practice. Found the perfect studio. My body is strong. Migraines and anxiety have subsided. I've gone from survival mode to GRACE. Hot tub soaks. Stayed in my bath robe, watching episodes of the Voice. So much yummy rest! My dad retired due to disability. We went on roadtrips!! We had long breakfasts and shared our feelings about our respective transitions (and not about politics!); He grew out his beard, I grew out my hair. Time with my 3 living grandparents. I bring Nana flowers and Papa pastries. WOW.... My nieces! We play and we mean it! In October, I danced with joy at my cousin's wedding reception.... the first of many dances. Reconnecting with friends all over the US. I got my 1st tattoo!! I'm attending retreats and being inspired. Soul Flow Alchemy Sisterhood! I got to meet some of my sisters in person!! I have new tools and sisters so valuable. Have processed and healed much trauma from past relationship. I forgive myself and him for what happened. I have stronger boundaries. My most treasured relationship is with MYSELF. I'm ready to unapologetically share my power & my greatness. 
1:24:00 - Jinju - LET'S CLOSE ON THAT NOTE!!! Wow, wow.... WOW!!! 

  • Week 6 (May 29) - NaiAsana Yoga & Flow


00:00 - Dr. Jinju & Shawna Welcome! Opening with significance & energies of Balinese Holy Day, Galungan, and the "Flower" Full Moon.
06:00 - Lokahi Wheel Journey Big Picture - From AIR to EARTH. Your Visions!
10:30  - Happy Birthday Stephanie & Shawna's coming up! 
12:15 - CITTA MUDRA & Opening Meditation. Citta mudra is designed to support Vijnanamaya Kosha (Wisdom Body)
20:30 - Meaning of Hawaiian Chant E Homai. Messages from Pele. Jinju shares about similarities between the Hawaiian and the Sanskrit language. 
26:30 - E Homai Chant
28:00 - NaiAsana Yoga Flow Begins.
1:02:20 - Savasana
1:09:30 - Closing Prayer & Namaste


  • Week 7 (June 5) - Personal Integration