WEEKS 8 - 13 (June 12 - July 17): Earth & Physical Body



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  • Complete your Kosha Check-in Sheet 
  • Complete the survey to provide feedback on your journey so far (by June 19th)
  • Complete your Spiral 2 Kosha Check-in Sheet (by June 19th)
  • Complete Alchemy Sheet 1 – MOON PATTERNS & WOMB WISDOM (by July 24th)
  • Complete Alchemy Sheet 2 – STRUCTURES TO SUPPORT BIRTH OF YOUR VISIONS (by July 24th)
  • Continue to dedicate 5 min a day to NaiAsana (Flow, Dance and Yoga!)
  • Continue practicing Inner Fire Womb Heart Meditation


password: alohaaina!

Small Group Leaders - PLEASE share weekly updates and progress with BIG GROUP in the private FB group. What I am hearing from you all is AMAZING and I feel it would be even more powerful for everyone to learn what I am learning from the leaders.  There is juicy potential for the small group journeys to inspire each other. 

  • Week 8 (June 12) - SEMINAR #2. Annamaya Kosha. Malama ‘Aina! Root Down to Rise Up.

Week 8 - live recording 


00:00 - Welcome. Women are meant to be LEADERS!! 
04:30 - Opening Meditation. Goddess Guides (Gaia & Tara) for Spiral 2. Invocation of the Earth Element & Annamaya Kosha. Prayers of Gratitude.
16:30 - EARTH & Annamaya Kosha Lecture Begins. Commitment is a HUGE structure to support our journeys. Journey check-in reminders. It's time to come up with your own structures! Structures are what support us in finding true freedom & flow! Marriage is one example. 
25:30 - In Spiral 2, we explore our relationship with our PHYSICAL BODIES and with the Earth. With your flow practice, this is where you are going to DRILL your flow moves. This is also where we look at what we are putting into our bodies. Let's share Recipe's! Heidi's family business - Grandmother's Kitchen!! Jinju's story about Mama Ayahuasca's message about the physical body. She asked, "Why don't you talk to everything you put into your body the way you are talking to me right now?"
34:30 - Excerpts from the book, The Female Brain. 
38:30 - Female Brain & Moon Cycle Graphs! Connections between the womb and the brain. The female and male brains couldn't be more different!! Even as infants!! Women process information more holistically - with BOTH hemispheres!! Women are big picture thinkers, whereas men process information more deeply! Women's brains have 10x more white matter!
49:00 - Danielle shares about how men and women process pain differently - T cells mediate pain in men & microglia in women!!! Wow!! Women are empaths - clever experiment - women will sit closer to people in pain on a bench! AND in science, women scientists observe pain in mice experiments in a different way than male scientists do! Histamine is released in preparation for egg to implant embryos. 
56:00 - How do apply this information to our day to day lives? Our brains and our abilities change drastically across the moon cycle! There's up to a 25% increase in neural connectivity in hippocampus in the week before ovulation!! 
1:04:30 - STRUCTURE DETERMINES FUNCTION & PURPOSE!!! Structures within & around us. So what is the purpose of our physical bodies??? What is the purpose of being HUMAN?
1:11:00 - Jinju shares results of 3 studies about the neuroscience & health benefits of juggling & dance!! Women with anxiety & depression - Only 5 min a day significantly reduced anxiety & depression!!! Regular parter dancing has a 76% protective effect on the brains of senior citizens from developing dementia or Alzeimers!!! 
1:23:00 - Lecture ends. Sisters unmute to connect & talk story!! Let's hold Angel's grandfather in our hearts & prayers. Jenn - there's nothing wrong with us!! :) Heidi's friend - My Moona App!!!! Yes PLEASE!! KATIE is leaving Ethiopia!! Let's hold her in our hearts & prayers as she makes this HUGE transition back to the US. Stephanie - GREAT POINT! It's hard to explain to other people what's so amazing about the "flow" and the "dance".... maybe we need to lead that conversation with the SCIENCE. Yes, so true! 


  • Week 9 (June 19) - Group Coaching Call #3 - SOLSTICE!! VISION SHARING PART 2 - with focus on 9 month visions. Luminaries holding space! 


week 9 live recording


00:00 - Warm Aloha Welcome to Luminaries (Anara, Cassandra, Adria, Ivory, Angela & Special Guest (Tracy)!
05:45  - Jinju opens call, winter & summer solstice, acknowledgment & blessings for sisters who could not attend (Angel, Stephanie, Katie... oh shoot, and Tonya! apologies I knew I was forgetting to mention someone!  )
15:45 - Light candles, solstice meditation & divine mother prayers
20:15 - Anne - beautiful vision... the sun shining through the window, her day starts with kitty snuggles and poi! Her Air B&B is thriving! she is in great physical shape, has lost weight, swimming again. Dive trip in April. Wonderful not reading what Trump is tweeting every day! She's working on her blog!! Steve & her are living together. She's making money by selling her photos to stock photo galleries! 5 yr - I have achieved my goal of traveling to all 7 continents! 
29:15 - Cortney - 2023 - that's when Kaya will be graduating high school!! Trippy! Dr. Katy - Saturn return period - next 5 yrs - lots of "chopping wood" to do; Kids and I are in a rhythm and flow!! House is organized & peaceful. I am meditating & moving every day. I have handle on finances. All my relationships are on more solid ground. I am proud of the role model I am becoming for them more than ever before!
33:15 - Shawna - my 5 yr over the moon, perspective, I had 9 months w Jinju to work on that! 2019 - Griff is turning 24!! He has grown into incredible young man. My sacred feminine fire represents to me the embodiment of my soul and I came her to birth my sacred gift to bring heaven to earth. I started my ontological coach training in September. I feel truly in sync with my calling like  never before. I have a new website! Bali - I made decision to join hands with SFAI, my niche specialty offering recovery coaching for people recovering from addiction! I taught my first workshop here in Boulder! I start my 200 HR YTT this fall. I started dating! And then I met Graham at a Newfield conference. He loves dance & the outdoors! Meditating & Spinning Daily! 
44:45 - Mary - I signed up for a sign language class so I can communicate better with my dad!! I'm reading inspiring books again, instead of watching the news! I'm flowing, moving my body! Finances are getting better!! Yay!! 
51:10 - Danielle - 9 month - March 2019 - excited for mtn biking & this is the year to get my group going! I'm applying to be a mentor in the "girls on bikes" program! Tony has gotten involved too! I'm focused on family, revamped structure, better rhythm, less screen time. I just got from Bali! I'm more comfortable & confident in my new job. Bigger Career Vision in field of auto-immunity!! Yeah girl!! Preparing for unique summit/conference - researchers, yogis, flow artists - to compare data. It's okay to think BIG!! It's okay to accept that responsibility and to feel like I CAN DO IT!!! 
1:01:00 - Heidi - 9 month - What my sacred feminine fire represents to me is divine magical creation of joyful abundance. I came here to birth joy, peace & magical abundance! I am in advance PLUS track for swing dancing!! Last 9 months have been so FUN! Money has flowed into my account faster than ever and I now have over $1,000,000 to buy that land!!! Living each moment with deep trust in the divine. Romantic Life - feels like a dream (it's shifting so much!!). Weekend with beautiful man from Toronto!!! I have learned so many beautiful things about Sexual Sexuality. I feel fulfilled. My tix are booked for Bali!! 
1:07:00 - Jenn - 9 month - It's hard to imagine back to the Jenn 9 months ago. I've developed a deep bond with myself and how I aspire to live my life. I made a decision to change the way I eat. I awake with a purpose every day even when there isn't a plan. This morning I woke and I felt the sun rising before I saw it. I'm so excited to test the new garden bed methods!! We put in the 2 thousand gallon water tank! I feel my connection to God and Spirit awakening. I have been meditating, practicing asana with hoop and poi... I went hiking with my friend Sarah, 4 days in the Sierra Nevada.... heartbeat of Earth... I am also solid and flowing... My family, we've been exploring the Earth together.... my ability to slow down and really be with him has fostered so much... I have so much more!! 
1:13:45 - So much medicine in this group! Thank you Sisters! With 11 min left.... 
1:14:30 - Tracy... memories back in 2012... in a place that is no longer!! We carry the spirit of Pele here in this group... even with the Luminaries! Honoring Tracy!!! We sang Happy Birthday... send her love!!! 
1:26 - A few sweet words from Anara
1:28 - A few sweet words from Adria, Padma Mudra after people share!! LOL! Started in HYI training in 2013. 
1:31 - Anara - Padma Mudra symbolic of a womb receiving!! 
1:31:35 - A few sweet words from Cassandra


  • Week 10 (June 26) - LUMINARY Presentation & Open Forum with Dr. Ivory Raye

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Week 10 - live recording 



00:00 - Warm Aloha Welcome to Dr. Ivory!!
03:30  - Opening Meditation with Pritthivi Mudra for Annamaya Kosha
13:00 - Chanted Om Namah Gaia
16:30 - Dr. Ivory Introduction - back story, Jinju's personal healing journey with her, what makes Ivory so special! 
29:00 - Ok! Let's get into the content!! Brief overview... 
32:00 - Health Pyramid Sketch & Holistic Approach
33:30 - Transgenerational Healing mention, Conference "We remove the obstacles so that Spirit can come in and do the work."
35:30 - NET - Neuro-Emotional Therapy - Amazing!! Identify the emotional entity stuck in the physical body
36:30 - Role of Perception in Healing, story about the twins.... mention of Birth Trauma
41:30 - Excess & Deficiency Sketch - Inflammation & Stress!! Food!!! Elimination Diet! 
45:00 - Questions/Shares - Stephanie... Elimination Diet Enlightenment! 
50:00 - GMOs, gut health, gut microbes, immune system.... Danielle chimed in on auto-immunity... also must consider chronic exposure to pharmaceuticals as well as toxic food... goodness, for that matter, pollutants in air, skin products, etc.,.. 
53:00 - US - we have the most money going to health industry but we have the most unhealthy people
55:30 - Over the counter Renew Life Probiotic, switch up the diff kinds - Dr. Ivory's recommendation
56:30 - Let's bring in the Hormones! Menstrual cycle, moon cycles, SEED CYCLING.
58:00 - Menopause Question... yes, seed cycling can help! Herbal remedies are next step up... and for fastest results... CREMES! vaginal yeast depositories.... more QUESTIONS from ladies.... 
1:07:30 - Steph - yes, Yeast infections can have emotional component! Ivory's personal story - chronic vaginal issues, bleeding during sex... she discovered emotional component and that has made a huge difference!
1:10:15 - Transgenerational Healing, Heart Song Remedy!! Ayahuasca.... 
1:21:00 - We have the power to HELP OTHERS HEAL THROUGH PRAYER!!! beautiful & powerful story Ivory closed with... 


  • Week 11 (July 3) - Group Call #4. Sister Journey Check-ins & HOT Love Seat!! 


Week 11 - live recording 



00:00 - Happy 4th of July & Welcome Sisters! 
05:00 - Opening Meditation - Kundalini Kirta Kriya - SA TA NA MA meditation mantra for releasing trauma, addictions... re-wiring the brain & restoring the nervous system. We did only 5 min, remember to try for 11 min!! 
20:30 - Let's go around the Circle!! Heidi share's first!! :) GRATITUDE for this sister group! Breakthrough - still not smoking weed!!! Yeah!!!! Not even really wanting to! What I wanted through smoking is now coming through meditation, yoga, dancing & you all! :) CHALLENGE - Relationship Styles - questioning my own belief system. Is there enough space to love more than that one person? Book recommendations ... The Future of Love... Womb Wisdom (been so helpful!) and the book that Cassandra recommended! 
28:30 - Anne - She's on fire with the POI!! GRATITUDE - This Group! BREAKTHROUGH - Going for a WALK... and being able to notice huge shifts in perception of people and the world around her.  CHALLENGES are intense right now.... fast forward to HOT SEAT to reap the benefits of her medicine! 
35:00- Stephanie - GRATITUDE - getting back into my body!! jumping on trampoline, getting out dancing... however... CHALLENGE... lately feeling low energy... tracking moon cycle..... time of reflection... noticing how walls are closing in after just 2 weeks ago, everything felt so expansive! OPPORTUNITY - to share my dance in a healing context at the Bali Retreat!!!! Scary!!! Feels big but I want to do it!!! We'll see :)  WORKING IN PARTNERSHIP WITH YOUR BODY!!! I want to be more aware of that!!! Yeah girl!!! Cassandra in the chat box: you lit up when you spoke of dance!!! 
40:45 - Shawna - A most beautiful ALOHA to & REFLECTION all the SISTER'S journeys!!! DRAWING BOUNDARIES WITH LOVE!!!!  If you want the most succinct & sweet summary of ALL the sisters.... watch THIS part of the video!!!! Thank YOU Shawna for YOUR gratitude... and expressing the way you do!!! CHALLENGE - 2 fold - work is a toxic disaster :( had meltdown today.... why is this affecting me so much? I'm leaning in to it so I can heal and learn how to move forward without it consuming me. Learning the boundaries of holding space!!! AHO!!! (that's Jinju ;)  Yeah fuck yeah .... how do we hold boundaries in loving ways!?!? My son.... I can't always hold that space... and I will when I can... soooooo powerful Shawna!!!! 
48:00- Katie - Wow!! How are you in this new country?!? GRATITUDE - is reconnection!!! Dallas... New Mexico.... Kansas City.... basking in the unconditional love of my family! ANXIETY going into highschool reunion.... but it was GREAT!!! Dropped in with sweet old memories with that time & space.... MYSTERY RESPIRATORY VIRUS - Oh no.... have had to rest and convolesce.... BREAKTHROUGH - It's been a long time since I've had FUN!!!!!! I'll be damned I didn't have fun on that water slide!!! Throwing Axes!!! IS THAT A THING???? LOL!!! Cassandra - plate throwing & bats/manniquins! LOL! 

55:30 - Cortney - Professor with amazing new Library!!! Yay!!! Ha Ha People hate helping me move though! GRATITUDE - Small Group... SUMMER!!! cycling on the full moon.... Started teaching a summer class, so that helps me keep in a rhythm! BREAKTHROUGH - MY KIDS!!!! SAGE is done with eating meat!! KAYA - has organized all the cabinets in our kitchen with labels of HEALTHY or UNHEALTHY!!!! Now I'm not forcing, they are asking for it, so that's amazing!!!!! WOW!!!! CHALLENGE - "I suck at routine & schedules"... committing to research, journaling, meditation.... I am committed to finding a way to "discipline" myself.... Wow, Cortney!!! I (Jinju) am celebrating your PROGRESS!!!!! 
1:05:00 - ANNE IN THE HOT SEAT - Dialed into RELATIONSHIP QUESTIONS. Soooooo much MEDICINE in this hot seat session!!!  
"I feel like I have to accept it or not accept it and walk away from it.... and this has been going on since we've known each other. He came in to my life out of nowhere. His family doesn't fully know that I exits... when we are together, we are good... he tries, when he can... but it pulls at my heart. Wow... WOW!!! POWERFUL questions from Cortney, Stephanie, Heidi (.... "well... you are being very honest with us right now")... after Anne shares it's difficult for her to be honest with her boyfriend.... Okay... is that a conversation that feels important? Heidi - "What has stopped that conversation?" I'm not one so good with confrontation.... so that's a good question (Heidi!)... I just want them to know I exist... I am committed to having this conversation... Shawna asks.... and invites distinction with his ex... he may not be emotionally divorced.... WOW!!! ANNE... that took so much COURAGE!!! BRAVO!!! We are holding you... THANK YOU SISTERS for your questions... this is what is possible in a circle like this!! 


  • Week 12 (July 10) - NaiAsana Yoga & Flow

week 12 - live recording

WEEK 12 - LIVE RECORDING TIMELINE - Thank you Shawna for doing these timestamps!!

00:00 - Introduction. Jinju. We are transitioning from Spiral 2, from Earth into Water and are about one-third of the way through the journey. Sending love and prayers, energy and joy to the many sisters not on this call.

1:37. JINJU. I love the transitions! You all are doing a lot of transitions in your small groups. I have had several sisters ask if I could drop in on one of your small group calls, so I am looking into that.

2:26. JINJU. Powerful New Moon. Partial solar eclipse. Fertility of intentions is magnified when you set intentions under a new moon without an eclipse. Your intentions last about four weeks up to the next new moon. WITH a solar eclipse in the mix those intentions last about SIX MONTHS!

3:23. JINJU. I encourage everyone to write your intentions on small pieces of paper and put them in each poi. Give how prominent prayer wheels are in Asia… they believe that a prayer that is spinning is 1,000 TIMES more powerful than a prayer standing still!

8:50. Meditation led by Jinju. Beautiful Bali bird sounds in the background. JINJU. Imagine that beautiful glowing flame, that inner fire, seeing it in your mind’s eye and spiraling it down into your heart and then your womb space. Imagine the end of January next year. Picture yourself with the biggest smile and really SEE that smile, that joy, your aura. Embrace and invoke that deep sense of accomplishment; knowing you are not the same woman that started on this journey.

17:06. JINJU. POI INSTRUCTION STARTS HERE. One asana I recommend before and after spinning poi is Eagle Arms.

Warm-up stretches ensue.

22.52. POI LESSONS begin here.

23.40. Three different kinds of transitions in poi dancing; stalls, bending planes and turns.

26.09. Planes and how parallel they are. Practice noticing where your poi are in your planes. When you don’t have a mirror to look into you can use a window or shadow reflection to observe the linearity of your planes. Once you get into fire it really matters!

29:42. CIRCLES - Another really great drill in the vein of planes. Start with one poi. I learn everything on my dominant side first and then let my dominant side teach and inform the less dominant. You can have SO much fun and flow without crossing the midline! I think this is where I encourage you all to find your flow. Put on some music and have fun!

34.12. DOWN-STALL DEMONSTRATION. Down stalls are another transition method. I love the metaphors that start to appear between poi, and life, and the cosmos and the universe and all that… the “zero point” … for one split second there is no pull in any direction. The zero point of energy is where all possibilities and things are possible!

43.48. ANGEL. I have a question about the transition from the wall plane to overhead moves like the windmill.  – Jinju demonstrates hip reals.

50:54. POI TURNS. Sweep turn; All the way around the world; split time turn. One of the bet drills in the Aloha series to help really embody and get the planes and directions is “AROUND THE WORLD”.

1:06:30. Jinju. For me, personally, the yogini and dancer in me sees the poi visually and energetically as extension of my prana body… you are sending energy from your body into an extension of you… I like to dance poi with my hands open. The prana really extends out. I can’t practice without music. That’s where the flow, dropping into that zone, is a beautiful, beautiful thing!

1:10:51. ??? who asked this question Jinju? Heidi asked this question. “Aren’t the hands reflections of the heart?” JINJU. In a lot of my workshops I talk about that fire inside the heart. When we do the corkscrew and put that fire in our hands we connect the hands with the heart.

1:14:20. DANIELLE. With music and when I’m in the flow, I can feel the changes carry over from spinning the poi to my other movements, whether it’s on the mountain bike or mentally at work. I can definitely feel the neuroplasticity, which is really amazing!

1:16:05. JINJU. I noticed shifts in my nervous system immediately (from spinning poi). Samba poi was the birth of my first poi dancing, and now I am learning Balinese dancing, which has so many figure-eights in the hand movements. And then you get to the FIRE… meeting the fire again I realized I am not the same person I was when I first spun fire. What really cooks me in the fire dance is really spending time with it, not dancing with it, just holding the fire. I love really connecting and communing with the fire that way.

1:20:20. HEIDI MARIE. I took the poi up with me to climb with my dad and spun to warm up. To spin before that is just a really good little climber thing! JINJU. I just love the relationship that you and your Mom have. HEIDI MARIE. We are really close. She’s really excited to come to Bali and be a part of it all!

1:22:17. JINJU. We have two dance venue pavilions on the retreat property! It actually creates the possibility and the likelihood that we can split into two classes, one more beginner and one more advanced. I have partnered with Trinity Star for hoops. Don’t buy a hoop until you check out their hoops. Their travel hoops are amazing! Discounts as part of the retreat will be forthcoming.

1:26:32. JINJU. Details about the retreat and the new NiAsa Training Program to be unveiled very soon. For the first time it feels like things are just coming, its flow, the information, the pieces… I’m learning a lot or just remembering a lot about how life works. It’s the timing – Just thinking about all those times in my life when I tried to force things. We don’t have to do that, and to remember that if I’m feeling like I’m forcing it and it’s not flowing, the timing’s not right and I can put it on the back burner.

1:28:40. JINJU. Discussion of some details about the NiAsa Training Institute programs! If you have any interest in certification please watch this section for SURE! So very exciting!

  • Week 13 (July 17) - Integration Week